How To Get Tubercular Gill System – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

If you are trying to get the Vulpaphyla pet in Warframe then you will come across the Tubercular Gill System, it is a crafting resource. So many new resources have been added with the Deimos update its hard to track which place drops what resource. The Gill system is required for crafting mutagen components to create companions at Son.

Update: This resource can also drop in small quantities from the Requiem pylons that you’ll find spread across Cambion Drift.

How To Get Tubercular Gill System

For getting this resource you’ll have to fish on Cambion Drift. For fishing, you need bait and a spear. For bait, you can use fass and vome residue, and for the spear, go to the Daughter and buy Spari Spear for 500 Standing.

Which Fish To Catch?

Here are the fishes that you have to catch for getting this resource:

  • Duroid: Mostly found inside caves, throw the Vome bait and wait.
  • Aquapulmo: Can be found in Fass residue hotspots roaming above the gooey water
  • Ostimyr: Found at hotspots near the Fass residue
  • Chondicord: Spawns in caves during both Fass and vome period. Throw Vome bait and stay still.

Note: It is recommended that you take a invisibility frame so that you can fish in peace. Making noises will scare away fish and some of these are rare, you don’t want them running away.

When you’ve farmed some fish, go to the Daughter and select the “cut fish” option, select your fish and she will help in extracting resource out of each one of them.

There are so many resources to look for in the Cambion Drift; we have already covered guides on Spinal Core Section, Thaumic Distillate, Dendrite Blastoma.