How to Get Fass and Vome Residue – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

If you’ve played enough of the Deimos open-world update, then you probably know about Fass and Vome Residue already. You will need this resource at some point while fishing since this is used as bait.

Who are Fass and Vome?

Fass and Vome are two worms that fight with each other, one defeats the other when the day cycle is changed. So when one of them is defeated their residue will drop all across the map. You will have come across them while completing the Heart of Deimos quest.

  • Fass Residue – Orange
  • Vome Residue – Blue

How To Farm Fass and Vome Residue?

There’s nothing much you have to do. When the day cycles are complete, both of the worms will fight with each other and the residue will drop all over the place. Use your archwing to locate these blue/orange looking balls, they are very easy to spot. I have attached a screenshot from my game that will help you understand.

The resource will be always available around the map, not just when the worm is destroyed. Only the type is changed when the day/night cycles are switched.

Once you’ve spot one, just go ahead and destroy it using your weapon and you’ll get the residue. You can now use it as bait to make your fishing tasks way easier.