How To Get Granum Crowns

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Granum Crown Farming in Warframe – Granum Crowns is the resource that allows you to visit another dimension. This resource is important if you are trying to farm for Protea. The enemies who drop this resource also have a chance of dropping Protea parts.

Granum Crowns were added with the Deadlock Protocol update, to obtain this resource you’ll have to play the new Corpus tileset. There are three different kinds of Crowns; Granum Crown, Exemplar Granum Crown, and Zenith Granum Crown.

You can use these to access:

  • Granum Crown – Granum Void
  • Exemplar Granum Crown – Extended Granum Void
  • Zenith Granum Crown – Nightmare Granum Void

As per information available on Forums, the crowns drop at different difficulty levels. The exact numbers are not confirmed, I will make sure to update it once we have more data.

How To Get Granum Crowns

Recommended Tip: Take a Nekros and Khora with Resource Booster. Since this is a resource, you can take your typical farming squad for the highest efficiency.

First, you have to play the new Corpus tileset and wait for the Treasurer to spawn in. He might take a while to spawn so I’ll recommend you do missions that take a while. I did mine on Mobile Defense, you can go ahead and complete the mission and wait for him to spawn. Once he spawns, a waypoint will appear. Here are the mission nodes that you can try:

  • Fossa (Venus) – Granum Crown
  • Trition (Neptune) – Exemplar Crown
  • Oceanum (Pluto) – Zenith Crown

Make your way to the marker fast and take him down. If you take long, he will disappear. Upon defeating him a Granum Crown will drop.

After getting the Crown, you have to locate a Golden Hand. This is a new addition in the tileset and kind of obvious to locate. Just run around the whole map with your teammates, it’s easy to locate. Only one player in the squad has to have the crown to take everyone in.

The Rewards will depend on how many enemies you can take out; Rank 1 at 25 Kills, Rank 2 at 50 Kills, Rank 3 at 75 Kills.

I am also writing a guide on how to make the most out of your run, stay tuned!

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