Warframe Trading Guide – Tradable Items, Process & Trade Tax

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Warframe Trading Guide – The best part of this game which I like is Trading, today’s guide will be based on enlightening everyone regarding Warframe Trading. The word trading is self explanatory, there’s not much to add to it. In Warframe, two tenno can exchange parts for platinum or a tradable part with one another. Maximum of 5 parts or minimum of 1 part/mod can be traded at once.

Warframe Trading Guide

Trading opens up for you when you complete your MR2 test. Read this guide for details on the test.

The number of trades that you can perform in a day is equal to your mastery rank. So, If I am MR22, I can perform 22 trades in a day. Founders get additional two trades per day, that’s the founder perk that you get for supporting the game in early stages.

Where can I trade?

If you want to trade with a fellow tenno, you need to head to a trading post which can be located in your Clan Dojo. You can also head to Maroo’s Bazar for trading but you would have to pay hub tax which is few credits (10% tax).

What can I trade?

  • All Prime Warframe Parts can be traded
  • Alad V Nav Cordinates
  • Unranked weapons from Baro ki’teer
  • Ayatan Statues and Stars
  • Rivens
  • Captura Scenes
  • Focus Lenses
  • Arcane Helmets
  • Special Weapons Parts from Invasions such as Karak Wraith, Snipertron Vandal
  • Event Weapons Parts such as Imperator Vandal
  • Relics of any refinement
  • Kubrow and Kavat Imprints
  • Unranked Syndicate Weapons such as Sancti Tigris, Vaykor Marelok, Telos Boltace etc
  • Platinum in exchange for parts.

What Can I not trade?

Special weapons can only be traded if they have No affinity, Lens or Orokin Catalyst installed.
  • Dex Weapons
  • Fully Crafted weapons/parts
  • Special Weapons with Affinity or Orokin Catalyst installed
  • Platinum for platinum
  • Forma
  • Orokin Reactor & Orokin Catalyst.
  • Starting account platinum (to prevent users from farming platinum by creating new accounts)
  • Regular Warframe Parts
  • Resources such as Nitain Extract, Endo, Kuva, Argon crystal etc.

Some new players might get confused with the “Fully Crafted weapons/parts” point. Let’s take an example, if I have a Oberon Prime Neuroptics and I craft it using the foundry, I still haven’t crafted Oberon Prime Warframe but the neuro I did. So that can’t be traded anymore.

You cannot trade special weapons/blueprints with mastery requirement higher than the tenno’s MR rank you are trading with.

Trading Tax

Each trade consists of a Trading Tax charged in amount of certain credits. The credit tax depends on the rarity of the item that is being traded. A clan can also charge extra tax for using the trading post (Most clans don’t).

The trading tax varies from 2,000 to 1,000,000. There are four tiers

  • Tier 1 (Common)
  • Tier 2 (Uncommon)
  • Tier 3 (Rare)
  • Tier 4 (Legendary)

Primed Mods such as Primed Flow are considered as Legendary Items and require a credit fee of 1,000,000 for trading. If you are on the receiving end for platinum then you will be charged 500 credits per 1 platinum that you receive. So, If someone sends me 100 platinum I would have to pay 50,000 credits as credit tax.

  • Daily Reward Mods such as Primed Vigor, Primed Fury, Primed Shred cannot be traded.

Warframe Trading Lingo/Terminology

  • WTB – Want to buy
  • WTS – Want to sell
  • WTT – Want to trade / want to trade for
  • PC – Price Check

If you have any questions related to Warframe Trading, you can drop them using the comment section below.