How To Get Protea – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Warframe has just announced that Protea will be dropping with the Deadlock Protocol Update. The update will be releasing today on PC, and a couple weeks later on Xbox and PS. The exact time when the frame will be released is still unknown, but it should be somewhere around 12 PM EST.

Armed for deadly encounters, she is tactical and timely. This is Protea, the protector, the enforcer.

Protea is the method to the madness. When you face her, it’s already too late.

~ Lotus

This frame might be first of it’s kind, DE has shown us a demo in one of the recent devstreams (137). The full details of the abilities are known but the damage/duration/range/strength is unknown, these stats will be updated here once the update is released.

Protea Release Date and Time?

Update: The Deadlock Protocol update has arrived.

The exact time is unknown as of now, the update will be dropped today for sure. DE has updated this on their pages.

How To Farm Protea

Update: You will get Protea Blueprint after completing the Deadlock Protocol Quest. The remaining parts will drop from Granum Void, read this guide about farming granum crowns.

Drop Rate of Parts

  • Neuroptics Blueprint – 11.11%
  • Chassis Blueprint (Extended) – 11.11%
  • Systems Blueprint (Nightmare) – 11.11%

Guaranteed Drop at 59 ± 20 C Rotations

The parts are dropped from Granum Void. Extended and Nightmare are high-level variants of the same mission. Here are the mission nodes.

  • Fossa (Venus) – Granum Crown
  • Trition (Neptune) – Exemplar Crown
  • Oceanum (Pluto) – Zenith Crown

Note: The above mentioned missions are what worked best for me, you can try other missions as well but I am not sure about the drop rate for them.

In one of these nodes you have to wait for the Treasure to spawn in. He might take a while to spawn so I’ll recommend you do missions that take a while. I did mine on Mobile Defense, you can go ahead and complete the mission and wait for him to spawn. Once he spawns, a waypoint will appear. Take him out and he will drop any of the Granum Crowns mentioned above.

Protea Build

I posted Protea build from Tactical Potato earlier, I have stopped using it now. Here’s a new build from Brozime:

The Deadlock Protocol quest can be started from the Codex.

Since the frame is dropping with the Deadlock Protocol update, I am sure it will be tied to a quest. Similar to other frames, you will be able to gain access to her right away via a platinum purchase. There will also be a Protea Bundle on the market.

If the frame is tied to the quest, I will make sure to include the quest steps here including a walkthrough. So make sure to bookmark this page and come back after a few hours for updated information.

Deadlock Protocol will be one of the biggest updates this year, the full corpus tileset is being reworked. Earth and the Gas City has received graphic updates last year, this update will bring the corpus tileset to the current standards.

Are you excited about this new frame?