Orokin Cell Farming

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Orokin Cell Farming – Orokin Cells are an essential resource in this game; you will need them from time-to-time to build weapons, frames, and different equipment. The thing is Orokin cells are rare, and there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet about these.

Note: There was a recent change; sites on the internet have mentioned Orokin Derelict as the best farming spot. Derelict has been taken out from the game after the Deimos update.

Best Farming Squad: As usual I’d recommend you to take a good farming squad while farming for any resource. Take a Pilfering Hyrdoid, Nekros, Fast Nova and any damage booster frame for fast eliminations. You can also take Smeeta Kavat which gives a 2x buff, combine this with a 2x booster and you’ll get tons of resources.

Orokin Cell Arrays

How To Farm Orokin Cells

Let’s find out how you can farm Orokin cells easily in Warframe:

Planets that drop Orokin Cells: Saturn, Ceres and Deimos.

Farming Bosses

Stalker, General Sargas Ruk and Lieutenant Lech Kril have a high chance of dropping Orokin cells after being defeated.

  • General Sargas Ruk (Grineer Boss, Saturn)
  • Lieutenant Lech Kril (Grineer Boss, Mars) – Update: 5-6 drops each run with a booster, if you have a squad have them mark the cell arrays for you.

This method is only recommended if you are only looking for a certain number of cells, let’s say 1-2. But if you need more than that, I’d recommend you to continue reading.

Best Place to Farm – Survival Missions

If you are looking to get more than one or two then survival missions are going to be your best bet. Gabii on Ceres and Piscinas on Saturn, both are great. Take the farming squad, select a location to sit in and take down enemies, a 20-minute run gave me around 15 (with resource booster enabled).

On top of that, you will be rewarded relics and other rewards while completing these survival missions. Ceres is easier compared to Piscinas, if you have a low-level friend, I’d recommend you to head to Ceres.

That’s all for farming Orokin Cells in Warframe, I hope this guide helped you out.