Warframe Relic Farming – Best Place to Farm Neo, Lith, Meso, Axi

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Warframe Relic Farming – Relic farming is a very important thing in the game, it might be termed as everything too since this game is all about farming and that grind. There are four kinds of relics in this game which you might already know about, but I am going to write about them anyway. The four relics are Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi.

Before the changes to the void, void keys were used for farming prime parts, but now the same parts are farming using relics. Some people might argue that void keys were better, but I will say that the relic system is way better and less RNG dependent. The only downside being you able to only farm one part per relic is the only thing I don’t like.

Click here for the Unvaulted Mirage and Banshee Prime Relics

Warframe Relic Farming

Updated: I have added a few new pointers and places along with drop rates in the article. Also, added a section for solo players and squad players.

I have made some changes to the article using the new input from the fellow tenno. Thanks to their comments.

How To Farm Lith Relics

Best Place to Farm Lith Relics – The best and efficient mission is Hepit, Capture on Void. It takes two minutes to run through this mission. Better if you run around using a frame such as Volt or Gauss. Great for solo players and guarantees a relic drop upon completion.

For Squads: Hyf on Deimos earlier known as Orokin Derelict Defense is another great place to head to if you are looking to hoard a nice amount of Lith Relics. Take a good squad or call your fellow tennos and get into the grind, the rotation is also pretty good, you will get 400 Endo once in a while.

If you are looking to solo this mission, then it might take around 15-20 minutes for you to complete 15 waves. All you need to do is, take a Speed Nova, now spam that 4 and chop up your enemies with Atterax. Also if you have Zenistar, you can throw it around the Cryopod and the enemies will auto explode without you worrying much. This is a little time consuming and I wouldn’t personally recommend it doing without a squad.

Drop Chances of Lith: 75% for a Lith relic, 12.5% each for every relic on rotation A.

Hepit Capture on Void almost guarantees a Lith Relic, it all depends on how fast you can complete the mission. Take a volt and this mission will be done in no time.

How To Farm Meso Relics

Best Place to Farm Meso Relics – IO, Jupiter is the hands down the best place for farming Meso relics. This is amazing for squads that can run through waves easily without any problems.

Farming Meso Relics is pretty easy with the small and nice tileset of IO, get a Banshee with Arcane Energize installed and kill all the enemies coming towards you within a few seconds. Rinse and repeat for a while and extract. The first two rotations will guarantee at least one meso relic drop.

The only problem you might face is nullifiers, bring a squadmate or you might have to pause your Resonating Quake spam from time to time which will make the farming process a little longer.

Drop Chances of Meso Relics: 85.74% for a Meso relic, 14.29% each for every relic on rotation A.

Best Meso Relic Farm for Solo Players – Void, Ukko Capture Mission is a great option for solo players. Since this is a capture mission it will only take you 3-4 mins to complete it. The drop table consists of 50% Meso and 50% Neo, which is not that big of a problem.

How To Farm Neo Relics

Tip from a reader:

If you need both Neo and Axi relics, you should be running Xini as you’re likely to get Neos while you get your Axis.

If you purely need Neos, Apollo on Lua has Disruption. If you only do 1 conduit per round you get the A rotation 3 times at the start, which has a 100% chance to drop Neo relics. It’s also about as fast as Oestrus.

I am verifying this information and will be replacing the one added below if this works better. Till then you can figure out which one works best for you.

Best Place to Farm Neo Relics – Oestrus, Eris.

Oestrus, Eris is an Infested Salvage mission. This mission was added some time back and is similar to defense missions. In this mission, players have to retrieve a shipping manifest from the infested ship. Oestrus, Eris is the only node on the starchart with this mission type. You can start this mission normally and you’ll find a team automatically, there’s no need to run squads for it. Just take a good frame so that you don’t die as the enemies scale.

Drop Chances of Neo Relics: 70% chance for a Neo Relic drop, 10% each for a relic every rotation A. You might get Magazine Warp, Trick Mag, Vitality as well sometimes.

Best Meso Relic Farm for Solo Players – As mentioned earlier Void, Ukko Capture mission has 50-50 chances of dropping both Meso and Neo relics upon completion. This is a nice option for solo players.

How To Farm Axi Relics

Best place to farm Axi Relics – Xini, Eris (Infested Interception) or Lua-Disruption Node. Both of these are great options.

The newly added infested interception is easy to do and has made Axi relic farming really easy. Earlier you had to fight high-level mobs and grind really hard to get those Axi Relics. The best part about this mission is that you can complete it solo. Earlier I used to complete a few rotations using Ember’s World on Fire, but that thing is ruined after the recent nerf to her main power.

Drop Chances of Axi Relics: 100% for an Axi relic on rotation B and C, 14.29% each for every Axi relic.

Best For Solos: Void, Marduk (Sabotage)

Marduk is a Void Sabotage mission which guarantees a Neo/Axi Relic drop on every completion. If you are solo farming and want to quickly farm a lot of relics, head to this particular node and start. I would recommend you to take a tanky frame since this is Void and enemies can take you down pretty easily.

Drop Chances: 50% for Axi and 50% for Neo Relics.

Farming using Syndicate Packs

Every syndicate vendor in the game offers a 3 relic pack that you can buy for 20,000 standing. Every pack has a guaranteed rare inside. Make sure to wear your sigils so that you can farm enough standing.

How To Open Void Relics

This part is self-explanatory, but I am still going to post it so no one has any questions

  • Open up your star chart
  • On the top right side, click the fissure icon
  • Select the relic mission, depends on which relic you want to open
  • When you click on the mission, a relic box will open up asking you to select relic
  • After selection, the mission will load up
  • Follow the orders given by Lotus and you’re good to go.

Note: You can refine relics using the Relic Refinement area located in your ship. This increases your chances of getting the rare drop.

Drop Tables

Location (Best Location)Mission TypePercentageRelic Names
Void Hepit (Lith)Capture100%Lith A3
Lith B4
Lith C4
Lith K2
Lith L1
Lith M4
Lith W1
Void Ukko (Meso)Capture50%Meso A2
Meso E2
Meso K2
Meso N6
Meso N7
Meso T1
Meso T3
Meso Z3
Void Ukko (Neo)Capture50%Neo A2
Neo C1
Neo M2
Neo R1
Neo R2
Neo S12
Neo Z2
Neo Z3
Void Marduk (Axi)Sabotage50%Axi D1
Axi G2
Axi L5
Axi M1
Axi P1
Axi R2
Axi S3
Axi T2

Do let us know if you this helped you in farming. If you have any other good spots that you go to, do let us know using the comment section given below.