How To Farm Guandao Prime & Zakti Prime Relics

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Guandao Prime & Zakti Prime RelicsNezha Prime will be dropping in a few hours, Guandao Prime and Zakti Prime will be coming with the same prime access. Similar to every prime access, the primed variant will have better stats and most importantly better looks.

The release date has been confirmed via the official channels: The date is October 27th, 2020. The exact time is not known though, but it should match with previous DE releases.

  • October 27: America
  • October 27: Europe, Oceania, Africa & Asia
  • October 27: Japan

Zakti Prime Relics

  • Zakti Prime Blueprint – Axi Z1 Relic (Rare)
  • Zakti Prime Receiver – Lith T4 Relic (Uncommon)
  • Zakti Prime Barrel – Neo E2 Relic (Uncommon)

Unleash waves of gas damage with a smattering of spiny, toxin-filled flechettes.

The update will drop in a few hours, as soon as the update is live, the relics will be updated here.

Once the relics are added into the game, you will be able to farm them easily using our guide here. Tenno who want instant access to the frame and other goodies provided with it can purchase the prime access.

Guandao Prime Relics

  • Guandao Prime Blueprint – Lith P5 Relic (Rare)
  • Guandao Prime Handle – Meso G2 Relic (Rare)
  • Guandao Prime Blade – Neo Z6 Relic (Uncommon)

Engineered for the divine to reap a harvest of lives.

The update will drop in a few hours, as soon as the update is live, the relics will be updated here.

If you are looking to get access to the new equipment immediately, you can go ahead and purchase the prime access. Alternatively, you can get a good squad and start farming the required relics, it’s not that hard to be honest. Make sure you check our farming guide.

Note: Do not immediately start building your frame/weapon once you farm the parts. This is the best time to make some platinum if you need it. Look at and check how much are the parts selling for. Read the full platinum farming guide here.

Prime Access Details

Nezha Prime access will consist of:

  • Guandao Prime Polearm
  • Zakti Prime Pistol
  • Prime Accessories:
    – Ransha Prime Cosmetic Armor
    – Baurahn Prime Ephemera
    – 90 Day Affinity and Resource Boosters