Garuda Prime Relics – Farming Guide

Garuda Prime Relics – Since the Garuda Prime release date, Warframe’s online community and the market have been abuzz with the new capabilities accompanying the queen of gore. Thanks to the Garuda Prime Access, the queen of blood now promises more exclusive accessories, power boosters, weapons, and other enhanced capabilities. You get to witness Garuda … Read more

Warframe: How to Farm Nidus Prime

In the most recent Warframe 30.7 update, players have been blessed with the highly anticipated Nidus Prime relics. Nidus Prime has higher base stats than its original counterpart, providing him extra bulk, better damage output, and the ability to lock down the battlefield. While all players can acquire these sentient swarms if they have access … Read more

How to Obtain Gara Prime Parts and Relics: Farming Guide

Gara, the lustrous frame of glass, capable of sundering and rendering her foes helpless with glistening adamantine shards, now has her primed variant, Gara Prime, released on Warframe Prime Access. She’s officially #32 on the Prime Frame list, and though you can obtain her right away platinum and real-life money, there’s always a cheaper yet … Read more

How To Get Octavia Prime Relics – Farming Guide

Octavia Prime Relics – It’s no secret we love Octavia, which is why we’re hyped that her prime variant will be on Prime Access. The golden girl, along with her siren songs and malady-inflicting mandachord, will have better shields, energy, and overall stats than her regular variant. Her impending arrival was announced in Warframe Devstream … Read more

Unvault Relics 2020: How To Farm Mirage and Banshee Prime

Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime are making a comeback on December 15, as per the news article published on the official Warframe website. Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime, both are exceptional frames, if used correctly. I’ve already given them a mention in my Tier List article. Similar to every unvaulting, the relics will be added … Read more