How To Farm – Soma, Dual Kamas & Vasto Prime Unvaulted Relics

Both the Trinity Prime and Nova Prime access are now available as they were just unvaulted. Both of these prime access came with their respective prime weapons, Nova came with Soma Prime and Vasto Prime; Trinity came with Dual Kamas Prime and the Prime Gene Masking Kit. Farming these is quite easy since they have … Read more

How To Farm – Trinity Prime & Nova Prime Unvaulted Relics

Trinity Prime and Nova Prime have been unvaulted, players who haven’t been able to get their hands on these frames can get them now. The unvault also comes with the Prime Gene Masking Kit that was missed out earlier. As usual, this is similar to every unvault, everything that came with the particular prime access … Read more

Farm Pangolin Prime and Corinth Prime Relics

The Titania Prime access just dropped. Corinth Prime and Pangolin Prime are the parts of the price access. For the uninitiated, Pangolin Prime is sword that was already in the game and is getting the prime treatment, Same goes for Corinth Prime, a dual-mode shotgun. In this article, I have added the relics and stats … Read more

How To Farm Titania Prime Relics

Titania Prime Relics – So the Pixie frame is finally getting the prime treatment, which means higher health, armor, energy, better aesthetics, and the obvious prime things. Titania Prime Access will be dropping in a few hours, the prime access will consist of the frame itself, Pangolin Prime, and the Corinth Prime. Update: The Update … Read more

Warframe Unvault 2020: Nekros Prime & Oberon Prime Relics

The first unvaulting of the 2020 has arrived, this unvaulting brings Oberon Prime and Nekros Prime packages together. You can buy them both as a bundle or separately. Another thing to remember is that you can get everything from the unvaulting without spending any money. Both of these frames have been in the game for … Read more