How To Farm Titania Prime Relics

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Titania Prime Relics – So the Pixie frame is finally getting the prime treatment, which means higher health, armor, energy, better aesthetics, and the obvious prime things. Titania Prime Access will be dropping in a few hours, the prime access will consist of the frame itself, Pangolin Prime, and the Corinth Prime.

Update: The Update just dropped

Most of the countries in the world are going through hard times, it is recommended that everyone stays in their homes. The update comes at the right time you will be able to spend a lot of it on grinding the relics that will be dropping soon. I will be adding the relic names in the article itself. The update time is as follows:

  • March 31: America
  • April 1: Europe, Oceania, Africa & Asia
  • April 2: Japan

Titania Prime Relics

Click here for Corinth Prime and Pangolin Prime Relics

  • Axi T5 – Titania Prime Systems Blueprint
  • Lith M5  – Titania Prime Blueprint
  • Meso E4 – Titania Prime Neuroptics Blueprint
  • Neo M3 – Titania Prime Chassis Blueprint

The relics will be added here once the update drops.

You can get immediate access to the Prime release by buying it. However, you can earn them for free by farming, whenever prime access drops, the relics for the frame and weapon are also added to the drop pool. Just go through the normal relic farming missions and you’ll have your frame and weapons soon.

Bonus Tip: Do not immediately start building your frame once you farm the parts. This is the best time to make some platinum if you need it. Look at and check how much are the parts selling for. Read the full platinum farming guide here.

Keep in mind, whenever new prime access makes its arrival in the game, another one leaves. This time, Limbo Prime will be leaving, along with Pyrana Prime and Destreza Prime.

Last week, the Operation Scarlet Speak update arrived. The event is cool and there’s a lot to do. There are two amazing missions where you team up with other Tenno and takedown enemies, read more about it.