How To Get OpLink Beacon and Start Operation Scarlet Spear

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

The long-awaited Operation Scarlet Spear update just dropped, the update wasn’t huge as I expected it to be but it comes with a lot of changes. I am still going through the update notes and will be updating more on the website. For now, let’s find out How To Start Operation Scarlet Spear

Starting the mission is very easy, just hover over the earth and click Scarlet Spear, you will be loaded into a new area.

After loading into the relay, head to the right side, I am sure there will be a lot of players. This is where Little Duck is standing. She will give you a little introduction about the mission, once that is complete, purchase the OpLink for 1000 credits.

After doing this equip the OpLink to your Gear wheel, for doing this you will have to head to the Arsenal. This has to be done before you start the mission, I am not sure if you can even start the mission without equipping it.

The operation room you are in will have a count of players currently running the mission. You will have to head to one of the two available mission types; these mission types are Ground Assault and Murex Raid. This is a matchmaking activity so you don’t have to worry about being left alone.

Choose any of the mission types and get ready. In Ground Assault you have to take down the Sentient Condrix and in Murex Raid, you have to go after the ship.

Murex Raid Area

Ground Assault

How to Use the OpLink

You have to use the Oplink in the Ground assault mission when the Condrix has been taken out. Take out the Oplink and scan after taking down the enemy.

That is all for starting the Operation Scarlet Spear. I am currently checking out the update and will be updating more about the update shortly.