Farm Pangolin Prime and Corinth Prime Relics

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

The Titania Prime access just dropped. Corinth Prime and Pangolin Prime are the parts of the price access. For the uninitiated, Pangolin Prime is sword that was already in the game and is getting the prime treatment, Same goes for Corinth Prime, a dual-mode shotgun.

In this article, I have added the relics and stats for both the weapons. I will also be adding a build section once I figure out what’s the best.

Pangolin Prime Relics

  • Meso R3 – Pangolin Prime Handle
  • Neo P1 – Pangolin Prime Blueprint
  • Axi G4 – Pangolin Prime Blade

Honoring one of the first Tenno clans, their house sword has been beautifully redesigned. With each killing thrust, one can almost hear it sing.

The relics will be added here.

Corinth Prime Relics

  • Neo R4 – Corinth Prime Receiver
  • Axi T4 – Corinth Prime Blueprint
  • Lith C6 – Corinth Prime Stock
  • Meso C5 – Corinth Prime Barrel

Heavy in the hand with a bone-crunching kickback. This shotgun has two firing modes: buckshot and grenade projectile.

The relics will be added here.

The prime access has already dropped, and the relics have been added to the drop pool. You can start farming the relics, use our relic farming guide for help. However, if you don’t want to farm, just go ahead and purchase the prime access from the market for instant access.

I am pretty excited about the Corinth Prime shotgun and the Titania Prime frame. Titania is not a frame everyone loves, it’s pretty niche. Are you guys excited?