Destreza Prime, Pyrana Prime Relics and Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Destreza Prime, Pyrana Prime Relics and Farming Guide – Limbo Prime has just dropped in the latest update and the relics are now available to be farmed. All the Tenno are looking around for the relics to start farming right away and get their hands on the new weapons.

We’ve got the relic names for you which you can find below.

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Destreza Prime Relics

  • (Destreza Prime BP) Neo B5 [Uncommon]
  • (Destreza Prime Handle) Axi O3 [Common]
  • (Destreza Prime Blade) Meso D2 [Rare]

Pyrana Prime Relics

Pyrana Prime comes with a sick passive, it was kind of expected else this would be yet another prime with upgrade stats. As you can read “Three kills in rapid succession will summon a second ethereal Pyrana for twice the deadly punch.

  • (Pyrana Prime BP) Lith P1 [Rare]
  • (Pyrana Prime Receiver) Axi K3 [Uncommon]
  • (Pyrana Prime Barrel) Neo V7 [Common]

We already have a comprehensive guide on how to farm relics that you can read right away.

The builds for both the weapons will be updated here once I am done testing out the builds. My go to builds are mostly crit based with corrosive damage, there might be a few tweaks that I will make once I obtain both of these. I am not one of those who buy the Prime packs, let’s see how long does it take. Won’t be long, I promise.

Till then, go get those relics.