How To Farm – Soma, Dual Kamas & Vasto Prime Unvaulted Relics

Last Updated on November 13, 2022

Both the Trinity Prime and Nova Prime access are now available as they were just unvaulted. Both of these prime access came with their respective prime weapons, Nova came with Soma Prime and Vasto Prime; Trinity came with Dual Kamas Prime and the Prime Gene Masking Kit.

Farming these is quite easy since they have been added to the game. Just go ahead in normal relic-farming missions and collect the relics as mentioned in the end of this article. Open those relics and collect the parts.

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Most of these weapons don’t need any introduction, these weapons have been in the game for way too long now.

  • Soma Prime – One of the best rifles in the game, also recommended in the weapons tier list. Slap crit mods and this weapon is good enough for almost every enemy in the game, except bosses. Also features high slash and puncture damage.
  • Vasto Prime – This revolver was not very famous back in the day, not sure if they changed anything. But you can collect it for mastery or the sake of collections. It has high slash damage and critical chance.
  • Dual Kamas Prime – These feature very high-status chance, pair this with dual stat mods and this thing is a killer. Take it to high-level missions and swing your way to victory.

Enough about these weapons, let’s find out what the relics are and start farming. Make sure you check out our relic farming guide for best spots.

Below are the relics for each:

Soma Prime Relics

  • Blueprint – Common – Neo N12
  • Barrel – Common – Meso D5
  • Receiver – Uncommon Lith K4
  • Stock – Rare – Axi S7

Vasto Prime Relics

  • Blueprint – Uncommon – Meso D5
  • Barrel – Common – Axi S7
  • Receiver – Common – Neon N12

Dual Kamas Prime Relics

  • Blueprint – Common – Lith K4
  • Blade – Rare – Meso D5
  • Handle – Uncommon – Neo N12

These are the relics, you can also purchase the prime access from the store, these don’t cost as much compared to the just-released ones.

You can also use this time to pile up a few sets in your inventory to sell them later on. I have written a full guide about making platinum with unvaultings, read it.

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