Baro Ki’Teer Void Trader – Farming Ducats

You might have heard a lot about the Baro Ki’Teer in the Warframe Region Chat. If you type Where Baro? – A bot will reply to your request telling you when Baro will make his arrival in one of the relays in the starchart.

Who is Baro?

Baro, mostly known as the Void trader makes his arrival in the star chart every two weeks.  He stays for 48 hours and disappears. Baro is mostly known for his love for those who are involved with the Orokin Void.

When Does He Arrive?

Baro Makes his arrival every two weeks and stays around for 48 hours. 24 Hours prior to his arrival, a star will appear in one the relays where he will be appearing. Upon arriving you will also receive an inbox message notifying you about it.

What are Ducats?

Ducats is exclusive currency that can be only obtained by exchanging prime parts from Ducat Kiosks that are located in Relays. Ducats can only be used with Baro Ki’Teer.

How To Farm Ducats

Farming Ducats is nothing other than farming prime parts. Depending on the rarity of the items, the value of ducats is determined.

Common –  15 Ducats

Uncommon – 45 Ducats

Rare – 100 Ducats

The trick for farming ducats fast is you just need to have a lot of relics. Run these relics in endless missions with a few friends and eventually you will get a lot of rare and uncommon parts. These ducats can be later on exchanged for whatever item you like from Baro.

How To Make Fast Free Platinum with Baro

All the items that are brought by Baro will immediately drop in price. All these items can be bought for cheap from the trading channel. The benefit of this would be that you won’t lose credits and time as well which compared to farming them.

You can take a great real example of mine for this. I bought 12x Quanta Vandal when it came, the price was 50P only. I held them for quite a while and saw the price climb, sold them later on for 200P each. This is quite huge profit.

If you don’t have much platinum to start with, you can always buy items that cost low. You can also buy prime junk and exchange it for ducats and easily make fast platinum.

This was our small guide to Farming Ducats and Void Trader Bari Ki’Teer.

All articles written on the website are my own. There might be a few mistakes as well since English is not my first language. Thank you very much for visiting Warframe.Today. :)

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