Warframe Useful Chat Commands & Lingo

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Warframe Chat Commands are really important if you want to trade and communicate with the fellow Tennos. We have listed a few that you might need to put into use time-by-time when you play the game.

How To Link Items in Chat

If you are trying to find information or trying to sell an item, linking is really important. You might need to use this time by time, the way to do it is just typing the mod/weapon/frame/part name in square brackets.

Example: WTS [Soma Prime]

This will turn Soma Prime into a link. Same can be done for rivens. If you don’t remember the name of the riven mod that you want to link just type [Riven Mod] and the riven menu will pop up, just select the mod that you want to link.

Invite People

One way is to invite people by right clicking on their name, but what if you want to invite someone just by knowing their username?

Just type /inv username to invite the player.

Whisper Someone

Learnt this command while trading using the Warframe Market website. Generally we right click on users name and select “Talk” to open up a new chat with a fellow tenno. Type /w playername to whisper a Tenno. This command can also be used for finding out whether a player is online or not.

Command: /w username

Unstuck Command

Numerous times you will fall off from a cliff, or you might end up in a place where you can’t move off. This command comes to your rescue at that time. Just type /unstuck and your problem will be fixed.

Warframe Lingo

These are the terms that you will see in the trade chat time by time.


Looking for. Is used when you are looking for a player of the desired criteria or just a player.


Looking to sell something? – Just type WTS [Item Name].


Want to Buy


Want to Trade


Price Check. Used for price checking items