Soma Prime Build & Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Update 27 May 2020 – Soma Prime was just unvaulted, click here for the update relics.

Probably every Warframe player around knows about the Soma, and it was one of the most powerful rifles in the game. I wouldn’t call it an end-game weapon, but it surely can handle sortie level enemies very easily. The Soma Prime is, of course, the primed variant of the well known Soma. Unfortunately, the Prime variant is now vaulted, and the relics can’t be obtained anymore.

Soma Prime is no more obtainable, and has entered the Prime Vault.

Mastery Requirement: Mastery 6 is required for the Soma Prime.

Soma Prime Stats

  • Physical Damage: 1.0
  • Critical Chance: ¬†30.0%
  • Crit Multiplier: 3.0x
  • Status Chance: 10.0%
  • Impact: 1.2
  • Puncture: 4.8
  • Slash: 6.0

The weapon comes with 2x V (madurai) slots.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • High Fire Rate & Critical Chance
  • High Accuracy
  • Two V polarity Slots
  • Large magazine size
  • Has the highest crit damage multiplier compared to all rifles.


  • High Recoil
  • Takes a long time to reload
  • Low base damage, hence relies very highly on crits.
  • Bad ammo economy.

How To Farm Soma Prime

Soma Prime is vaulted and can’t be farmed anymore. Existing relics can be used.

Soma Prime Relics

Drop locations are as follows

Blueprint: Lith M1 Uncommon, Neo S1 Common

Barrel: Neo S3 Common

Receiver: Lith S3 uncommon, Neo N1 Uncommon

Stock: Meso S1 Rare

The relics are not in the drop table anymore, although they can be obtained via trade chat or

Soma Prime vs. Soma

Soma Prime has a larger magazine size compared to the non-primed variant; it also has an ammo reserve along with higher physical damage and status change.

  • Higher base damage
  • Larger magazine size (200 compared to 100 in normal Soma)
  • Large ammo capacity (800 vs 540)
  • Higher status chance (10.0 vs 7.0)

Best Soma Prime Build

The perfect build goes with 4 forma. 1 dash polarity and 3 V polarity.

Soma Prime Red Crit Build is very simple, below are the mods that you can use:

  • Serration + Split Chamber:. This boosts the default base damage of the rifle. This can be further boosted with the help of Heavy Caliber, but that would actually create problems with the accuracy since the gun already has a lot of recoil.
  • Elemental Mods: You should pick elemental mods as per the faction, for example, you can take a corrosive build for the Grineer or switch it to magnetic when you go for a corpus mission. It is recommended to go with Dual stat mods such as High Voltage + Rime Round.
  • Point Strike + Vital Sense: You want the red crits right? – aim high on the head and let the damage roll. You can also equip Argon Scope (rare mod) and bladed rounds for extremely high crit damage.

Below is a video for the same