How To Get Stahlta in Warframe

How To Get Stahlta in Warframe – The Deadlock Protocol update just dropped an hour back, people have already started farming for Protea. As expected the frame is tied to the main quest that you have to complete, you are awarded the blueprint upon completion. Stahlta is an automatic corpus rifle that was added today, … Read more

Soma Prime Build & Farming Guide

Update 27 May 2020 – Soma Prime was just unvaulted, click here for the update relics. Probably every Warframe player around knows about the Soma, and it was one of the most powerful rifles in the game. I wouldn’t call it an end-game weapon, but it surely can handle sortie level enemies very easily. The … Read more

The Best Rifles in Warframe for 2021

Are you looking to level up your gameplay with the best rifles in Warframe? Warframe is an online action game that’s a hybrid of shooters and RPG games. While the Cedo and Bubonico shotguns are some of Warframe’s best shotguns, they don’t have that mid- to long-range capability that Warframe rifles possess.  When it comes … Read more

Upcoming Melee Changes and What they could mean for the future of Warframe

Melee in Warframe is quite simply put, broken. A half decent melee weapon that can effectively use Condition Overload and Blood Rush can and will outperform most primaries and secondaries. This extreme disparity between weapons is down to quite a few things. The first being Warframe’s game design: In a game where speed and efficiency … Read more

Warframe’s Unique Weapon Design

Warframe, as a game thrives on the unorthodox. The game is the best example of a successful free to play model, is based on unique ideas, and has a very rich lore. However, it’s the way Warframe does its weapons that sets it very much apart from all other PvE games.  This distinctive take at … Read more