How To Get Stahlta in Warframe

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

How To Get Stahlta in Warframe – The Deadlock Protocol update just dropped an hour back, people have already started farming for Protea. As expected the frame is tied to the main quest that you have to complete, you are awarded the blueprint upon completion.

Stahlta is an automatic corpus rifle that was added today, it has two firing mode. One that shoots steel rod projectiles and the other one that shoots charged radiated rod projectile. The weapon primarily deals Radiation damage.

Stahlta Stats

Stahlta has a very high base crit chance and status chance, which is insane, this probably will be my main weapon for a while. For those who don’t know, weapons that have both high status and crit chance are great for end-game/overall content. Other stats are as follows:

  • Weapon Type: Rifle
  • Mastery Requirement: MR10
  • Slot: Primary
  • Crit Chance: 40
  • Crit Multiplier: 1.8x

Manufacturing Requirements

You need:

  • 30,000 Credits
  • 5 Fieldron
  • 6,200 Ferrite
  • 300 Hexenon
  • One Forma

How To Get Stahlta in Warframe

This weapon dropped for me while I was farming the new Jackal Boss. I am not sure about the drop rate since no information is available, but it is pretty good. I got the weapon after 2 runs.

Do comment below if you will be farming for this new weapon.