How To Farm Nezha Prime Relics in Warframe – Guide

Farm Nezha Prime – Nezha is honestly one of my favourite frames, after Octavia obviously. Nezha is the fastest guy around, that can glide around taking down enemies. The best part about the frame is that it can deal damage and tank damage both at the same time. Back in the day, I used the Divine Spears ability to take down and clear maps in a jiffy.

Enough about the old things, Nezha is finally getting the prime treatment which means better looks, higher shields, health and power pool. The confirmation came from a leak through the in-game chat where someone linked the item and found out about it. The official announcement for the same was made in the Home Devstream 7.

Nezha Prime Access

Behold: the Scion of the Burning Wind, donned in his most courtly accoutrements. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.

– Warframe

Nezha Prime access will consist of:

  • Guandao Prime Polearm
  • Zakti Prime Pistol
  • Prime Accessories:
    – Ransha Prime Cosmetic Armor
    – Baurahn Prime Ephemera
    – 90 Day Affinity and Resource Boosters

Nezha Prime Release Date

The release date has been confirmed via the official channels: The date is October 27th, 2020. The exact time is not known though, but it should match with previous DE releases.

  • October 27: America
  • October 27: Europe, Oceania, Africa & Asia
  • October 27: Japan

How To Farm Nezha Prime Relics

The relic names will be posted here as soon as the update is released, make sure to bookmark this page and come back later.

Once the relics are added into the game, you will be able to farm them easily using our guide here. Tenno who want instant access to the frame and other goodies provided with it can purchase the prime access.

Bonus Tip: Do not immediately start building your frame once you farm the parts. This is the best time to make some platinum if you need it. Look at and check how much are the parts selling for. Read the full platinum farming guide here.

Nezha is an all-rounder as I mentioned in the starting of this article. You can use it for survival missions while tanking damage and you can also use it for dealing huge damage with the DPS build. I will make sure to post builds here once the update is out, these should be no different compared to the non-prime build.

Are you excited about Nezha Prime, I surely am. Make sure to drop your thoughts using the comments section below.

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