Destiny 2: Eververse Weekly Inventory (February 23, 2021)

Destiny 2’s Weekly Reset has commenced. Ascendant Challenge, Trove Guardian locations have reset, you can find those in the articles that I’ve written already.

Eververse delivers cosmetic items to guardians. There are three ways guardians can obtain these items, Bright Dust, Silver, and Engrams. However, only the bright dust items can be bought for free, for the silver items you have to pay with real money.

There are only a few items that can be bought with bright dust.

  • Engrams: You can be earned from leveling up the season pass. Earlier you could get engram every time you level up, this has changed with the Shadowkeep update. You can also buy the engrams for Silver.
  • Bright Dust: Dismantling Eververse items used to give bright dust to Guardians. But this has also has changed. This is one currency that can be used for purchasing items from the vendor.
  • Silver: Real money currency in Destiny 2.
  • Eververse Bounties: These have been discontinued.

Destiny 2: Eververse Weekly Inventory

The whole inventory with images will be posted here once the reset happens.

People from time-to-time have said that these items directly help Bungie, so paying them should mean nothing less than supporting them. But I would disagree, the items on the store are not cheap, I’ve paid $60 for a DLC, so I expect every item to be available to me, at least for a nominal cost. The price of $20 for a single cosmetic item is not fine, this has to be changed. Developers have mentioned that they will be changing Tess again in the coming season.

Hope this article helped you out.

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