How To Get Critical Thug in Borderlands 3

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

The Arms Race DLC dropped a few hours back, the new update brings tons of new changes. The noteworthy ones being the Zane Rework, fourth skill tree for each vault hunter, massive buffs to a few weapons and a lot more. You can find the full list of patch notes on the official BL3 website.

The List of new legendary weapons introduced with this DLC are: Trickshot, Tizzy, Plasma Coil, Hotfoot Teddy, Firefly, Dark Army, Boogeyman, Clockwork Res, Binary Operator. Guides for all of these weapons will be posted shortly as soon as we confirm the loot sources. Till then you can enjoy farming for the one mentioned below.

Enough about the update, let’s find out how we can get the Critical Thug Torgue Shotgun in Borderlands 3:

How To Farm Critical Thug

Critical Thug Stats

  • Damage: 38566
  • Accuracy: 90%
  • Handling: 57%
  • Reload Time: 2.1s
  • Fire Rate: 1.00/s
  • Magazine Size: 4

Red Text: No Shooting at parties! – Critical Hit Damage ricochets to every nearby enemy.

The variant in the image shown above has +200% Critical Hit Damage, +26% Weapon Damage and +39% Weapon Accuracy. The drop you get while farming for the gun might be different as compared to this one. Make sure to comment with the stats if you get one.

Critical Thug Bl3 Drop Location

Note: The weapon drops in the new DLC map and in order to be able to farm it, you need to purchase the Arms Race DLC or the Season 2 pass.

To farm the weapon, head to Sanctuary III and just to your right will be poster with “Arms Race – Salvador x Axton”. Interact with it and your DLC will start. The Arms Race is located on Pandora.

The weapon can drop from the following sources:

  • World Drop in Arms Race DLC (Stomblind Complex Located on Pandora)
  • Final Boss called Heavyweight Harker also drops the weapon along with a few others introduced with the DLC
  • Chests or loot boxes

The weapon dropped for me when I defeated Heavyweight Harker, took me around 6-7 tries. Make sure you are playing in Mayhem 10.

Critical Thug doesn’t work like a traditional torgue weapon where you have to hit reload to explode the bullets. Thanks to the “No Shooting at parties!” perk, all critical hits will ricochet to nearby enemies and explode.

That’s all for farming the newly introduced shotgun in Bl3.