How To Get Duality Catalyst – Beyond Light Exotic Shotgun

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

How To Get Duality Catalyst – Beyond Light update just dropped a few hours back, people are still trying to log-in but are unable to do so. Planets and weapons have retired so every single guardian is now looking for a new loadout. Getting a new loadout shouldn’t be a problem since a lot of new stuff has been introduced with this 40GB update. Another thing to note is that retiring old stuff is actually good for the game, bringing something fresh and new to grind for.

In this article we will find out how to get the duality shotgun catalyst and complete it:

How To Get Duality Catalyst

Exotic Perk – Compression Chamber: Fires a pellet-spread in hip-fire or a single high-damage slug while aiming.

To Get the Catalyst follow the steps given below:

  • Press F1 > Season
  • Click on Level 1 and unbox the level 1 reward
  • You will be awarded the Duality Shotgun
  • Once you have the shotgun, go to Banshee and collect the Duality Catalyst Quest called “Walk The Line”.

Update: Here’s the quest screenshot:

You just have to get few kills and complete a few activities to complete the catalyst, I will update the quest screenshot here. I couldn’t upload it right away, since I got booted out of the game as I was trying to complete it.

Once you have completed the catalyst, the weapon will generate orbs on multi-kills and also gain +20 range.

If you are still unable to log-in to the game, please wait for a few more hours. This is going to take longer than expected because Bungie just tweeted that they are investigating. Whenever they Tweet something like this, they take 2-4 hours to fix the issues, this has literally happened with every DLC launch.

Here’s the latest tweet:

That’s all for completing and obtaining the Duality Exotic Shotgun Catalyst in Destiny 2. Are you excited about the new update?