How To Farm Filthy Lucre – Destiny 2

Last Updated on November 14, 2022

If you are trying to complete the quest to obtain the Witherhoard Catalyst, then you must have heard of Filthy Lucre by now. Destiny 2’s Quest called The Bank requires you to complete activities such as getting 300 Filthy Lucre, 200 Grenade Launcher Multikills and 100 Grenade Launcher Guardian kills.

Someone on reddit did the math and it was ugly, as you might have already noticed. Completing the catalyst requires you to do a lot, so for the coming weeks you will be seeing games dominated with grenade launchers.

Enough of me rambling about the quest, let’s find out how to farm filthy lucre:

How To Farm Filthy Lucre

There are two ways of completing it:

Hard Way – The hard way requires you to grind a lot, since filthy lucres are obtained upon completion of activities such as Gambit, Crucible, or Nightfalls. You can do this if you don’t feel bored with repeated activities. 300 activities and you’ll be good to go (/s).

Easy Way – Similar to earlier seasons there’s are catalyst boosts in the Season Pass; one at Level 11 and another at Level 22. At level 11 you get double progression and at Level 22, you get triple. So, wait until you get both of the Catalyst Enhancements and then start grinding.