Xur Map Guide

Last Updated on November 16, 2022

The vendor arrives every Friday with goodies for Guardians, now figuring out where he is the important thing. Even though we mentioned the details in the article, the exact map or location is unknown. Figuring out the location can be difficult, especially for the new light players, since this shady guy is always hiding in a corner.

The five locations where Xur can spawn in Winding Cove, Giant’s Scar, The Barge, The Rig, Hangar. In this article, below each location, there’s a map, details of the location, and a video that will help you in reaching the vendor.

Xur Map Guide

Update: Also attached videos from YouTubers to make it easy to find these locations.

Winding Cove on Earth

Winding Cove in on EDZ (also called Earth). Spawn right on the Winding Cove and move towards the area marked below and collect your goodies. If you cannot locate him, just look for players around, if the vendor has just arrived, there will be players surrounding him.

Location in Video

Giant Scar on IO

On Giant Scar, Xur is always hiding in a Cave. Spawn into Giant Scar, there is a building that you have to go to (shown on the map below). Take a left and keep walking, past the drill until you find a cave. Again, if the vendor has just arrived, there will be players surrounding him.

Video Location Guide:

The Tower, Hangar

Spawn on the Tower, take left go down the stairs. Keep heading forward towards the Dead Orbit. There’s a tower behind Dead Orbit, this is where Xur is standing with his goodies. Use the map given below for the exact location. You can lunge or take the stairs to reach him and collect the goodies.

Video Guide:

Nessus, The Barge

On this planet, Xur used to spawn on a Tree. That changed when the Season of Opulence dropped. Now Xur stands in a corner of the newly added Calus’s Ship (where the chests are), it’s big and you can’t miss it. The location is also marked on the map given below

Video Location:

Titan, The Rig

Video Guide:

That’s all for the vendor’s locations. Hope this guide helped you out.