Reckoning Boss & Rewards This Week

Reckoning was the activity announced way back with the Season of the Drifter Update. The Co-op activity offers raid-like mechanics in a simple manner. Coupling Gambit Prime with Reckoning was what Bungie wanted to do. Earn Synths, Covert them to Armor using Reckoning, build up Armor sets and enjoy the benefits. The most important highlight … Read more

Xur Map Guide

The vendor arrives every Friday with goodies for Guardians, now figuring out where he is the important thing. Even though we mentioned the details in the article, the exact map or location is unknown. Figuring out the location can be difficult, especially for the new light players, since this shady guy is always hiding in … Read more

Cimmerian Garrison Challenge – Chamber of Starlight Location

There are six challenges and six locations for the challenges. These locations and challenges are spread across the Dreaming City which is rotated every week. Completing the challenges is especially difficult for newer players or players who are trying to get their titles. In this article, we will find out how to complete the Cimmerian … Read more

How To Get Witherhoard Catalyst – Destiny 2

Every season we are provided with a seasonal weapon, this season we are getting a new grenade launcher called Witherhoard. Witherhoard is a kinetic exotic launcher, you can also get the catalyst for the same. In this article, we will talk about how you can get it and what it does. How To Get Witherhoard … Read more

How To Farm Filthy Lucre – Destiny 2

If you are trying to complete the quest to obtain the Witherhoard Catalyst, then you must have heard of Filthy Lucre by now. Destiny 2’s Quest called The Bank requires you to complete activities such as getting 300 Filthy Lucre, 200 Grenade Launcher Multikills and 100 Grenade Launcher Guardian kills. Someone on reddit did the … Read more