How To Get Dendrite Blastoma – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

There are so many resources that were added with the Heart of Deimos update. I’ve already created a few guides on the residues, Thamuic Distillate, Vitreospina and the Helminth System. Most of the resources were initially required for crafting Xaku. As we are moving further into the new content, there is a lot more stuff to check out.

Dendrite Blastoma is a new resource that you get from cutting fish, this fish has to be harvested on Cambion Drift. Let’s find out how you can get these and start building your stuff right away.

How To Get Dendrite Blastoma

  • Dendrite Blastoma is dropped from harvesting a fish called Vitreospina (location here)
  • Head to your Arsenal and equip the Spari Spear for fishing. You can get it from the Daughter for 500 Entrati Standing.
  • Make sure you have some bait so that you can “bait” the fish, get some Fass and Vome Residue from the open-world of Deimos.
  • There are multiple caves in Deimos, I’ve marked one cave location in the map below, go there
The marked location has required fish and I have confirmed that
  • Throw your bait in the gooey lake and wait for the fish to arrive, and now throw your Spear to catch them
  • Once you have at least 4 of these, head back to the Necralisk
  • Talk to the Daughter and select “Cut Fish” below are the resources that you will be rewarded

That’s all for farming Dendrite Blastoma in Warframe. I’ve already published a few guides for the Deimos update, make sure to check them out. If you haven’t completed the quest yet, check the full walkthrough.