How To Get Spinal Core Section (Vitreospina Fish Location)

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

To level up with you need Entrati Standing and resources, one such resource is called Spinal Core Section, this resource is required to upgrade your title from Neutral to Stranger.

You also need to level up to 3 to unlock the Helminth System fragment, for upgrading you will need several resources. I’ve already written a guide on getting Entrati Standing and accessing the Helminth System.

How To Get Spinal Core Section in Warframe

Update: I saw a few posts on Reddit and Warframe Forums that you can farm this resource in Isolation Vault runs. I haven’t myself done any vault runs yet so can’t comment on it, but I’d recommend you to do this as well.

  • Go to Deimos for fishing, make sure to equip your fishing rod
  • Head to the location marked on the map below, you need to look for the Vitreospina Fish
  • Throw a bait and wait for the fish to arrive
  • Once you have collected a few of these, head back to the Necralisk
  • Now go to the Daughter (she handles all the fish related bounties) > Cut Fish and select Vitreospina
  • You will be rewarded with everything shown below.
Cutting Vireospina will give you this

That’s all for farming Vitreospina fish in Warframe. You can also level up by farming a lot of fish and giving it to her. I’ve already done a guide on gather standing for unlocking stuff in the Deimos.

Heart of Deimos update just dropped for all platforms except Switch, here are the patch notes. The update size is 3GB and brings a lot of stuff, such as Xaku the new frame, new infested open-world, tons of bug fixes, a new warframe system that lets you change your warframe powers. We will be covering everything about the update in the coming days.