How To Get Xaku – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Xaku will be the latest addition to the long list of frames, Xaku is the 44th frame and is the second community designed Warframe. Even the abilities were selected from the community member suggestions through the Open call forum threads. The frame doesn’t have a particular gender and will be referred to as they/them, probably due to him being an amalgamation of three frames.

The frame’s abilities revolve around void damage. DE has shown the gameplay already you can check it on YouTube. The frame is first of its kind so I am pretty excited about how it’ll work out for my builds. I’ve been stuck with Octavia for a long time and still haven’t found a frame to compete with it. Enough about the things, let’s find out how you can get Xaku.

Update Status: Released (Patch Notes)

Xaku’s Abilities

  • Passive: Can avoid a source of incoming damage.
  • Xata’s Whisper: All weapons are granted bonus Void damage bonus for a duration.
  • Grasp of Lohk: Xaku opens up a void portal, spawning tendrils that snatch away weapons from the enemies. These weapons will now fight for you.
  • The Lost: Cycle through the three sub-abilities; Gaze, Deny and Accuse. These are three abilities that have been taken off three warframes that Xaku is composed of.
  • The Vast Untime: The Ultimate. Xaku detonates themselves, dealing damage to all nearby enemies, and slowing them down. Also exposes itself in skeletal form, leading to 75% damage reduction, evasion bonus, and a movement speed bonus.

The description of the abilities is taken off the Warframe Wiki and will be updated once we have a hands-on with the frame.

Xaku Release Date and Time?

Update: Warframe official FB page posted that the update will arrive for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on the same day i.e. August 25.

Xaku will be released with the Heart of the Deimos update. The updated will drop on August 25, 2020, for PC, as usual updates will be delayed for PS4 and Xbox since their respective updates are sent for cert and released later on. Updates for consoles arrive within 2-3 weeks after the PC release, DE hasn’t published the date yet.

I will update this area with exact timing once I get more information. Usually, updates are pushed at around 1:00 PM EST.

How To Farm Xaku Warframe

Confirmed: You will get the Xaku Blueprint upon completion of the Heart of Deimos Quest. We have a full page for the Heart of Deimos Quest Walkthrough.

Xaku Parts: Xaku parts will drop from Bounties from Mother. As of writing this article on Aug 25:

Xaku Systems

Level 30-40 Bounty – Uncommon drop

Xaku Chassis

Level 40-60 Bounty or Level 100 Steel Path – Uncommon drop

Xaku Neuroptics

Level 15-25 Bounty – Uncommon drop

The frame will be added with the Heart of the Deimos update. This is a major update which brings a new infested planet. I am pretty sure that this frame will be tied to a quest, and you will have to farm the parts using a certain activity on the new planet.

The last frame Protea also required players to complete a new activity, I expect the same for this. However, I will make sure to update the exact information once the update drops.

You can bookmark this page and come back on August 25 for the exact information about getting this frame.

Here’s a video from QuiteShy showcasing the frame: