How to Get Thaumic Distillate – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Thaumic Distillate is yet another resource that is required to craft one of the Xaku parts, namely the Xaku Neuroptics. I’ve had a hard time finding this resource in-game since I completely forgot about the mining part.

Thaumic Distillate 20x blueprint can be crafted with a combination of resources. You will have to mine quite a bit in the Heart of Deimos to obtain the related resources to craft it.

How to Get Thaumic Distillate

Update: According to the public drop tables data, Thaumica is a rare resource that you can find during mining alloys.

Update #2: I saw a few posts on Reddit and Warframe Forums that you can farm this resource in Isolation Vault runs. I haven’t myself done any vault runs yet so can’t comment on it, but I’d recommend you to do this as well.

Update #3: Many days have passed by and now we have more data about the resources. Thaumic Distillate can be carved from Thaumica (Cambion Drift), Lucent Teroglobe (Cambion Drift), Venerol (Orb Vallis), and Gallium. Once you have the resources you can use the blueprint to get 20, steps for that are mentioned below.

  • Head to Deimos
  • Make sure to equip your mining tool (Nosam Cutter)
  • Look around and find mines and start farming different rocks
  • You have to be lucky enough to find 20x Thaumica and 20x Venerol, using that you will be able to craft the Thaumic Distillate blueprint
  • Just near the Spawn, you’ll find Otak, he’s the one who carries the blueprint, as shown below

Once you have Thaumica and Venerol, crafting the blueprint won’t be a problem. People in my clan were wondering where they can get this from, I just told them that this is where you find the blueprint. However, I am still looking for the best places for mining in Deimos and will be updating them here soon.

Blueprints that require Thaumic Distillate

Duroid TrophyTrophy30
Aquapulmo TrophyTrophy30
Myxostomata TrophyTrophy30
Voidrig Weapon PodNecramech Part80
Xaku NeuropticsWarframe Part60

If for some reason you are unable to find Thaumica and Venerol, just wait for an update on this article. I am currently looking everywhere on the new map for resources and will be adding updates.