Here’s What to Know About Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Scoot over, Season of the Splicer, season 15 is finally here.

Destiny 2’s latest season—Season of the Lost—has finally landed, and accompanying it is the much-awaited Witch Queen trailer. In Destiny 2 Season of the Lost, Guardians get ready to make their return to Ascendant Plane and Dreaming City, with new exotic weapons and exotic armor to collect, a new artifact, and a sparkly new season pass brimming with missions and content in this major update.

Running from August 24 to February 22, this Destiny 2 season will be the longest one in history. Mara Sov makes a grand reappearance and tasks you to make your way to the Ascendant Plane to find her coven of Tech Witches. 

After the season runs its course, Guardians will get to enjoy The Witch Queen release date as well. In other words, back-to-back content awaits you in Destiny 2—and boy is this update packed!

Let’s gloss over everything you can find, from loot to missions, in Season of the Lost.

Astral Alignment

Astral Alignment is a new mission introduced in Season of the Lost where you’ll be working together with a group to charge your Wayfinder’s Compass artifact. A band of six Guardians including yourself have to regain control of the Dreaming City’s various Beacons, particularly in the returning Shattered Realm. It won’t be easy though, as you’ll have to brave your way through a horde of Taken and Scorn to make it. 

Destroying Ether bubbles, escorting batteries, or collapsing Taken rifts are some of the tasks you’re expected to accomplish in this mission’s main objective. Good news, though, is you’ll only have to do two out of three of the missions. But no one’s stopping you and your crew from going all out!

Wait… the Wayfinder Compass?

Yes! An all-new artifact, the Wayfinder Compass, has deployed following the release of this season. You can get this as soon as you complete the first mission, which will be launched right as you enter the game after updating it for the first time.

The Wayfinder compass boosts the stats of the mods you gain during the Season of the Lost, namely by improving weapon speeds, reload times, and mag sizes.

Latest Season of the Lost Exotic Gun: Ager’s Scepter

The first gun to touch down this season is the Ager’s Scepter, a Trace Sniper rifle that you can obtain after finishing the Tracing the Stars questline. Initially locked away by Mara Sov for Uldren, her brother, you can acquire this deceptively familiar weapon by completing a series of tasks. Failing this quest for the Exotic weapon will let it fall into the wrong hands, but if you do complete it, you’ll get access to a plane in the Shattered Realm that was once barred from entry.

Weapons and Armor

Over 25+ weapons have been released in this update too, ranging from reprised and new Legendary Stasis weapons. Some of the familiar (and new) names include:

  • Vulpecula Hand Cannon from Season 15
  • Reed’s Regret Linear Fusion Rifle from Trials of Osiris.
  • Fractethyst Shotgun from Season of the Lost activities.
  • Peacebond Sidearm from Iron Banner.

Aside from the aforementioned, six returning Destiny 2 weapons also make their arrival, namely the Scathelocke Auto Rifle and Annual Skate Hand Cannon. Old Trials of the Nine weapons from 2017 join the lineup too.

All three classes experience gains and buffs for specific armor sets, weapons, and weapon mods as well—providing minor adjustments to our gear.

Crossplay Awaits

At long last, crossplay is officially LIVE in Destiny 2. Pair up and play with people across various platforms, whether from PC or PS4, and venture forth on the same journey together.

Note: Whatever name you log in will be unchangeable across your various systems as you attempt crossplay. Therefore, choose wisely.

Trials of Osiris Update

Get ready for a new experience when playing the Trials of Osiris. There’s an all-new anti-cheat software made to reduce the number of cheaters in the game. Another new feature is a reworked queueing system that now allows you to play games by yourself or solo queue on your own. Trials of the Nine gear are also given each time you gain an individual round win.

Winning matches also nets you some rewards, but aiming for the prestige of Flawless never truly changes, we’d like to imagine!

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Event

To commemorate Bungie’s 30-year old stint, players can participate in a once-in-a-lifetime special event hosted by the game devs in December. 

At this event, expect a whole lot of new things! From three-player dungeon crawling, exotic weapon(s), new emotes, and more. The beloved Destiny rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, is also making a comeback, which many fans are excited about.

Season Pass Exclusives

While the free-to-play features can enjoy a variety of new content from mods, events, and a crossplay trial, a lot of the good stuff is locked behind for those who have the Season Pass.

These are some of the exclusive Season Pass content for Season of the Lost:

  • ALL Seasonal Gear & Armor
  • ALL Seasonal Challenges
  • Complete Seasonal Reward Track
  • Weekly Missions (like Shattered Realm)
  • Exotic Weapon Quest
  • Instantly Unlocked Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle

The Six-Player Astral Alignment matchmaking gameplay is available for both Season Pass holders and free trial players. However, non-Season Pass holders are limited to only a free trial.

Future Events

The calendar for Destiny 2 Season of the Lost also includes The Festival of the Lost, Moments of Triumph, and the Dawning. We can only speculate at this point what new goodies will await us on each release. But for now, the current releases provide ample opportunities to ramp up your game time.

Destiny 2 Latest Season in a Nutshell

You’ll find new encounters, a host of new activities, rotating weekly activities, an all-exclusive season pass, and various trinkets and rewards that you have to grind to get your hands on.

Nonetheless, a wide range of content awaits you in Bungie’s latest season

We’ll see you around, Guardians!

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX 360, XBOX Series X/S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.