Warframe: How to Farm Nidus Prime

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

In the most recent Warframe 30.7 update, players have been blessed with the highly anticipated Nidus Prime relics.

Nidus Prime has higher base stats than its original counterpart, providing him extra bulk, better damage output, and the ability to lock down the battlefield.

While all players can acquire these sentient swarms if they have access to a Prime Access Program package, you can also farm for the Nidus Prime Relics and get this awesome boon at no cost!

Here, we’ll show you how to farm for the Nidus Prime Relics for the quickest and most efficient way to obtain this item.

Let’s begin!

Nidus Prime Relics

Before you begin farming for Nidus Prime relics, you’ll need to have an idea of what relics you actually need to find. 

To find the needed Relics, you’ll have to hop into your Codex, then Universe Tab, then Relics and Arcanes, then type in the item you want to type up.

The components you need to build the Nidus Prime include the following, alongside their rarity:

  • Blueprint: AXI A14 – Uncommon
  • Chassis: Lith N7 – Rare
  • Neuroptics: Neo N16 – Rare
  • Systems: Meso B5 – Common

Keep in mind, as two out of four of the Nidus Prime relics are rare drops, you’ll heavily benefit from having Void Tracers to make the farming process go much easier. Void Tracers drop from Corrupted enemies in Void Fissure missions. Although, they’re not a strict requirement — they’re just plenty useful to have!

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Nidus Prime Relic Farming

Now that you’re familiar with the items you’ll need to find, here comes the part where you’ll actually have to scour through the world to find them.

These are the fastest ways you can make farming these items easier and quicker for you.

Axi A14 Relic

You can find the Axi A14 relic in various parts of the game, but one of the most efficient ways of obtaining this item is during Disruption missions on Lua. The faster you kill the pulsing red enemies, the quicker the rotations go around. This makes farming for this item through brute force grinding a relatively quick process.

Another way to obtain this relic is by doing a Tier 3 Interception mission. Once you’re on Rotations B and C, you’ll get about a 14% chance to get these relics.

Either way, you can look at all the drop locations of this item in its accompanying item tab. But through our own experiments, the fastest way to get them is through Interception and Disruption missions.

Neo N16 Relic

You can get the Neo N16 relic on the Uranus disruption. There’s a 14.29% drop chance of this item in Rotation B, while Rotation C has a 13.56% chance of dropping. 

Alternatively, you can farm for the Neo N16 relic in Xini on Eris. Head over to the interception mission, and complete the A rotation. Once you’ve completed it, you’re guaranteed the Neo Relic.

Meso B5

You can obtain the Meso B5 from Tier Two Defense missions, Uranus disruptions, and Seda disruptions. Each of those missions has a 14% drop chance for the Meso relic.

Alternatively, you can also farm in Io on Jupiter. Finish a Defense mission; during the A rotation, you’ll get a higher chance of dropping a Meso relic. Complete around ten waves, then repeat until you get enough Meso relics to your liking.

Lith N7

You can find the Lith N7 relic in Tier one spy missions. They’re usually easy to find and drop abundantly. Alternatively, you can also do Mars disruptions. Rotation A offers a 14.29% chance to drop.

Nidus Prime Build Requirements

Once you’ve acquired the relics, here are the rest of the items you’ll need to build this elusive gun wielder:

Chassis of Nidus Prime

  • 15,000 credits
  • 450 Plastids
  • 1,425 Polymer Bundle
  • 2 Tellerium
  • 5,500 Alloy Plate

Nidus Prime Systems

  • 3 Neurodes
  • 1250 Rubedo
  • 3800 Salvage
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 2 Nitain Extract

Nidus Prime Neuroptics

  • 2 Argon Crystals
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 600 Cryotic
  • 1,100 Circuits
  • 4,975 Nano Spores

Final Nidus Prime Build

Once you’ve gathered all the aforementioned material, you’ll need 5 Orokin Cells as well to complete the build.

To find Orokin Cells, you can farm those by going through a Ceres survival mission or a mission sent to you by General Sargas Ruk on Tethys, Saturn. 

The other difficult item to find among the list above is the Nitain Extract, but you can usually get those in bundles of 5 via Nightwave during Nora Night.

Once you have them all collected in your inventory, bring your Relics into Void Fissure missions through your Navigation menu. This is so that you can open them.

You may want to recruit others alongside you to farm for these pieces, so recruit them using the chatbox and find groups looking for similar Relics. This will drastically lower your farming time to open them, particularly for the rarer items since the entire squad can use the same Relic at the best possible level from the team.

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Other Prime Relics

The latest Warframe update also released the Magnus Prime and Strun Prime, which are Primed variants of their original counterparts. 

These weapons come with their own advantages during shootouts in PVP and PVE. 

Magnus Prime enjoys an improved status chance, critical chance, critical multiplier, and slightly faster reload speed.

For the Strun Prime, it gains a longer damage falloff range and an innate punch through.

Warframe is currently out on most major platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.