Warframe Eidolon Hunting Guide in 2021

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Are you looking to beat the Teralyst, Gauntalyst, and Hydrolyst trio and get their loot? By the end of this article, we’ll cover all you need to know when it comes to beating the Eidolon.

Eidolons are major enemy bosses that roam the Plains of Eidolon in Cetus at night. They’re the best source of Operator and Arcane focus, which makes these monsters highly sought after due to their loot.

But, be warned. The Eidolon is also painfully difficult to take down. Only Void damage can penetrate their shields, and they don’t get affected by debuffs.

This Eidolon Hunting guide will help you prepare for the fight against this monster as a group. It won’t guarantee wins, but it’ll equip you with the knowledge on how to best beat this monster. 

Before Setting Out…

It’s highly recommended that you beat The War Within and Saya’s Vigil quests first:. This is to unlock the Quills, which will be your primary Syndicate Hub for the operation.

You’ll also benefit considerably by having the following:

  • A powerful and dependable gun, preferably Crit-based and packed with Radiation and Crit mods.
  • A Max-ranked Warframe like Volt, Chroma, Rhino, Oberon, Trinity, Harrow, or Titania
  • An Operator (with good health/energy regen like the Zenurik or Vazarin)
  • Energy and Health deployables
  • Some friends and clanmates for better team compositions

Once you’ve got what you need, now it’s time to start the operation you’ve been prepping for.

1. Wait for Night To Set

The Eidolons only spawn at Night, so assemble your party right before Sunset to get your mission completed before Day time turns over. With your weapons and Warframe in tow, wait for Night Time to come around in the Plains. You can find the exact time in the Navigation Menu and hovering over the Plain Node.

2. Prepare Lures

You need Lures each charged with 3 Vomvalysts to get the best chance of loot as well as the Radiant/Brilliant Shard. Specifically, two Lures are needed for the Teralyst, while three are needed for the Gauntalyst and Hydrolyst. The Shards will help serve as a sacrificial offering in the shrine at Gara Toht Lake to summon the next Eidolon. That shard is is the main catch when the Eidolon finally gets captured.

To complete the capture of all Eidolons, you need to acquire 8 Lures.

Location of Lure Spawns

How to spawn an Eidolon?

As soon as you capture the first two Eidolons, they’ll drop a certain type of shard. Sacrifice them by dropping them in the middle of the Gara Toht Lake. Performing this action correctly will spawn the next Eidolon.

3. The Teralyst

The Teralyst is chronologically the Eidolon you’ll have to fight, as well as the easiest. Compared to the other Eidolon, he’s the smallest in stature and has the fewest amount of different attacks. Regardless, be on your guard.

To start, get into your Warframe’s Operator form and use your Amp to tear down the Teralyst bit by bit. This wears down the shields, which will allow you to deal more damage with your stronger weapons.

The Teralyst has 4 Synovias or limbs that look like radiators which you must destroy. As you shoot each limb, he’ll release pulsations which inflicts Magnetic procs, which expends your energy and shields. 

Once each limb or Synovia is destroyed, the Eidolon will fall in battle and request the Vovalysts for aid. Destroy them with the help of your team. Once you’ve shot the last one, this will prompt the Teralyst to become vulnerable to damage. Perform the finishing blow with the Lures nearby. After that, you’ve succeeded in capturing your first Eidolon.

4. The Gauntalyst

The Gauntalyst is a titan compared to his brother and can be summoned using the Brilliant Eidolon Shard. He’s also the second Eidolon you have to take down in the sequence, and a much more resilient foe. Gauntalyst has six Synovias, consumes three of your charged lures, and contains a much more versatile set of attacks. 

This includes Radial shield (which crosses out long-range attacks), unpredictable light pillars that shout out of the ground, and an orb spillage AoE attack. He’ll also create large spheres around him, and you’ll have to be inside the sphere as you attack him. He also calls upon Vombalysts that’ll help provide extra shield protection and tether him as a supportive measure. 

To best handle him, use Void mode to your best advantage to bypass his extra mechanics. The Gauntalyst is a tough cookie, but by defeating the fight and using the lures — you’re sure to receive your just rewards.

5. The Hydrolyst

To summon the Hydrolyst, use the Radiant Eidolon Shard you got from the Gauntalyst. The attacks include magnetic bubbles that spawn where you’re located and deal damage, so you have to move around to counter them. 

Another new mechanic are spawned Pink Rifts, which supercharges Vombalysts and the Hydrolyst. You must prioritize shooting these ones as the Hydrolyst is immune to damage if the Vombalysts tether to them. The last new mechanic (relative to the Gauntalyst) is the green magnetic ground — which causes damage for as long as you step above it.

Similar to the Gauntalyst, you’ll also have Sky Bubbles. But the Hydrolyst’s sky bubbles are larger and can fall to the earth, inflicting damage if you don’t step out of its range.

So, the drill to defeat the Hydrolyst remains the same as the previous boss. Defeat the six Synovias attached to the Eidolon, grab everything with the help of the 3 lures, and gain the final round of valuable loot and experience.

Gear to Bring When Eidolon Hunting

Bring the following gear to help you defeat the Eidolon monster:

  • Archwing launcher
  • Ciphers
  • Energy Pads
  • Health and armor pads
  • K-Drive

The Eidolons are weak to radiation and are strong against Crits — so keep that in mind while structuring your build. Consider the following sniper weapons to better handle the Eidolon:

  • Rubico Prime
  • Vectis Prime

These weapons come with great Crit perks that make them too good to pass up. The Rubico Prime is easier to build and can excel with the right mod spread in consideration with its high Crit stat. 

The Vectis Prime requires a Primed Chamber and a riven with a Crit chance. They also improve your shot multiplier after the second shot, bleeding damage faster than the first shot.

Best Operator Focus School

  • Zenurik: Helps improve’s your Warframe’s heavy melee attacks. It also improves energy regen when enhanced with a Void Dash, while also benefiting from crowd control through Void-based attacks.
  • Vazarin: Helps improve’s Warframe’s health pool and regeneration abilities, further improved by regenerative Void Mode. Can also absorb damage taken by allies, while granting them shields through Void Blast.
  • Madurai: Increases your amp when you leave Void Mode once you get the Waybounds from Zenurik for this. Inner Gaze and Eternal Gaze also improves your energy limits.

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