Warframe Kuva Lich Build Guide for 2022

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Are you having a difficult time getting to and defeating the Kuva Lich in Warframe?

The fight is designed to be a challenge. But they’re the most rewarding ones to beat too.

In this guide, we’ll share with you the best loadout to defeat the hostile Grinner — the Kuva Lich! 

If you’re looking for just the set, scroll down below to find the complete loadout.

Let’s begin!

How to Defeat the Kuva Lich in Warframe?

The first thing you should know about this enemy is that each Kuva Lich spawns a different elemental type per person. You can see their type and weakness by heading over to the status page in the navigation menu.

With the weakness in mind, mod your primary and secondary weapons with the strongest mods you can find (we’ll get to our recommendations in a minute). 

You can switch your weapons around to widdle down the Lich’s health bar more efficiently. But remember, to defeat the Kuva Lich, you’ll need the Parazon to deal the finishing blow. 

Once the Kvua Lich is on its knees, equip the Parazon with the mods in the correct Requiem  sequence. Then, you can deal a killing blow.

Best Warframe Build For the Kuva Lich

The Warframe you pick plays a big role when it comes to dealing with the Kuva Lich. It’s a good idea to start the fight on the right foot since every time you don’t defeat the Kuva Lich (even by just forgetting to finish it off with the Parazon), it’ll respawn a bit stronger than the last.

Here are some of the ones that can defeat Kuva Lich, granted that they’re equipped with the best mods too:

Warframe: Mesa Prime

Mesa Prime is a good Warframe thanks to her high versatility, DPS, crowd control, and support areas. She comes with increased health, armor, and energy capacity, as well as a higher D and V polarity. This Warframe is a great main against the Kuva Lich since it can draw it out and deal devastating damage and knock it out quickly. Depending on your build, of course. 

While the Mesa Prime is a solid choice with stellar abilities like Shooting Gallery and Shatter Shield, we don’t always have the choice to switch our Warframe. But don’t worry —  you can also use most other Warframes as long as they’re equipped with the best primary and secondary weapons.

For a weapon choice, consider equipping your Warframe with a weapon like the Redeemer Prime or the Stropha. For the first choice in particular, the character and weapon go hand in hand as they were both released at the same time.

Warframe #2: Inaros

Inaros is a Warframe that’s the epitome of impenetrable tankiness. Released in Update 18.5, you can get this Warframe by accomplishing the Sands of Inaros quest. Its base Health is 550, it has an armor of 225, and an energy level of 100.

This Warframe does remarkably well in the Kuva Lich fight with its self-sustaining powers. It can heal, resurrect, and buff itself and drain its enemies health in the process. Against the Kuva Lich, you’ll want a Warframe that either defeats it incredibly fast or is bulky enough to take hits. Inaros is good at the latter.

Weapon #1: Redeemer Prime

The Redeemer Prime is the direct upgrade of the Redeemer, imbued with stronger, Orokin technology. This weapon is great against the Kuva Lich since it’s arguably the second strongest Gunblade weapon in the entire game.

It has a Mastery Level of 10, it fills up the Melee slot, and it’s a powerful Gunblade.

The Redeemer Prime has the second-highest base damage and critical chance and critical multiplier among all Warframe Gunblades, second to the Stropha. It deals terrific Slash damage which is good against health.

Aside from that, it has the highest status chance among all the Gunblades. It synergizes with Condition Overload since each pellet can proc a status effect. It also synergizes with Healing Return, since the first shot allows for healing and every 10 pellets can also heal Health in different instances.

Other things to know: Shots have innate Blast damage, which is effective against Fossilized and Machinery type enemies. There’s no ammo in the Redeemer Prime and the shots can punch through. It has 10 pellets that deal 80 damage per pellet, and the status chance is around 9%.

Weapon #2: Stropha

One of the best Gunblades and weapons for dealing with the Kuva Lich is the Stropha. It’s a Corpus Gunblade that contains a high critical chance (30%), critical multiplier (2.4x), and damage output (700). This gun shoots a close-ranged shockwave that covers a wide range.

The Stropha’s Melee attacks deal Slash damage. The Gunblade shots deal Impact damage.

Perks of the Stropha: It has the highest critical chance, base damage, and critical multiplier among all other gunblades. Its high slash damage also dishes out massive damage against high-health enemies. It also has a good chance to inflict status on enemies.

For Gunblade shots, the Stropha deals high Impact damage which is effective against shields. There’s also a wide radius and each shot doesn’t use ammo and has an innate punch through. If you want to get the Stropha, the blueprint is obtainable by defeating Jackal.

Weapon Mods

It’s optimal to focus on the optimal range and optimal strength mods when fighting against the Kuva Lich. Let’s start with the Mesa Prime.

While most Mesa Prime builds don’t capitalize on range mods, it can work out well against the Kuva Lich. Some great mods that you can’t go wrong with are Augur Message, Augur Reach, Stretch, Power Drift, or Mesa’s Waltz.

At higher levels, Shooting Gallery’s CC is handy for surviving in a pinch. This is because the Kuva Lich can dish out devastatingly strong attacks that can break Shatter more easily. 

For a strength mod, Arcane Velocity is a fantastic mod that can carry the weight of multiple other attack mods. Why? It’s because you can kill enemies blazingly fast with this mod. This works well with high strength Mesa builds as the mod + weapon + Warframe combo is more than enough to get Kuva Lich on its knees and fast.

Overall Build

If you’re looking to dominate Kuva Lich, here’s the build you should be aiming for:

  • Character: Either Mesa Prime or Inaros
  • Weapon: Either Redeemer Prime or Stropha
  • Mods: Arcane Velocity and a tossup between Augur Message, Augur Reach, Stretch, Power Drift, or Mesa’s Waltz.

Warframe Kuva Lich Build Guide (2022)

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