6 of the Best Warframes to Get in 2021

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Let’s say you’ve reached a certain point in Warframe where you can freely start grinding for a particular frame. We can all agree that grinding for one is an extremely time-consuming endeavor. You’d want to obtain those that are worth your effort and the platinum you spent on the Warframe market. However, there’s no such thing as an all-powerful frame, only those that fit a playstyle in line with yours while performing a specific role in various missions. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the possible best Warframes out there and find out if they’re a perfect fit for you:


Named after a deadly nerve gas, Saryn is a strong frame capable of inflicting massive corrosive damage which can take out groups of enemies with little effort. Not only is she perfect for crowd control duties with her skill Miasma, but she can also draw enemy fire with Molt and deal massive toxin damage with Toxic Lash. She’s perfect for all mission types, particularly Defense and extermination missions. 

Grinding for Saryn won’t be easy. You have to acquire her primary blueprint from the market. After this, you have to repeatedly take out Kela de Thaym, a Grineer boss on Sedna, to obtain her component blueprints. Then, you’ll need to farm for Rubedo, Ferrite, Salvage, and Polymer Bundles.


Octavia is, without a sliver of doubt, one of the best frames in the game. This melodic maestro grants buffs to allies using Metronome and Amp while delivering devastating damage and luring enemies to their doom with Mallet and Resonator. She can even turn invisible and is an all-around offensive powerhouse, capable of support and dealing damage at the same time. In turn, this makes her a crucial ally in countless missions. 

Grinding for Octavia can take a while though you can obtain her prime version with the Octavia Prime Access. You can get her blueprint by completing the solo-only Octavia’s Anthem quest. After which, you’ll need to grind for the chassis, neuroptics, and systems parts in three different locations. Once that is done, you’ll need to obtain the necessary materials (like Oxium, Plastids, and Morphics) to craft all three and, ultimately, the frame itself.

Find our guide to getting Octavia Prime Here.


Named after a hero in a Chinese epic, this Warframe is a significant threat to its enemies on the battlefield, being able to dole out damage to enemies with little energy. Moreover, he can even avoid death three times in a single mission, go invisible for a time, and even earn extra loot from enemies. It can make a twin of itself with its Celestial Twin ability, aiding it in battle, and even float through the battlefield with Cloud Walker. With Defy, he can even become invulnerable, absorb damage, and release it with his staff. 

Wukong is a fantastic frame, perfect for players who want to fight on the frontlines and take down hordes of enemies. If you’re part of a clan, you can research his blueprints on your dojo and gather the necessary materials like Morphics and Argon Crystals. Read our full guide here.


If you’re up for acting as a tank, then the Rhino frame is your best bet. Though it is without its namesake’s horns, it is both an unstoppable force and an immovable object. It is essentially a moving tank, and though it is not as agile as its peers, it can perform its patented Rhino Charge to dive into the fray first and absorb damage with Iron Skin while its teammates can do their thing. Meanwhile, it can unleash its Roar to grant an increased damage buff to itself and its teammates. It is also a useful crowd control frame with its devastating Rhino Stomp.  

As one of the earliest frames in the game, you can grind for it relatively early, making it a must-have if you’re new to the game. Grinding for it doesn’t take much as its blueprints can be obtained in Fossa, Venus, by defeating Jackal. Once you have the blueprints on your inventory, gather Rubedo, ferrite, alloy plates, and other resources, and after which, you’ll be golden.


Khora is one of the deadliest frames out there: just look at the blades attached to her skin. Obtaining her means getting her exclusive companion, Venari, which can aid her in battle. She’s a deadly offense-oriented frame, able to deal massive damage both against bosses and large crowds of enemies. Her deadly Whipclaw can send enemies reeling, while her Strangledome can bind and strangle enemies within a large radius. Meanwhile, she can also ensnare opponents, leaving them helpless against her and her allies. 

Unlike Rhino, grinding for Khora is quite tricky, given her material requirements and the relatively low chance of her component blueprints drop rates. You can acquire these on the standard Sanctuary onslaught. Once you have all of them, farm for truckloads of Rubedo, Kavat genetic codes, iradites, and plastids.


It’s always a Mesa ordeal for enemies when this frame jumps into the battlefield. 

Horrible puns aside, Mesa is a gun-toting frame that specializes in quick, rapid-fire attacks with its sidearm and a faster reload rate. It also enjoys a 50% HP bonus, although it only comes into effect if it doesn’t have an equipped weapon. Moreover, it can deal additional damage with its Ballistic Battery while providing support by giving allies extra damage with Shooting Gallery. A gunslinger needs protection as well, so you can utilize its Shatter Shield to reflect incoming bullets. Finally, its Peacemaker can make its enemies rest in peace….forever. 

Grinding for Mesa isn’t as tricky as other frames. You can purchase her blueprint from the market, and you can get her components’ blueprints from the Mutalist Alad V assassination mission. After which, you’ll need truckloads of alloy plates, plastids, and nano spores.

Special mentions

Some of the other best Warframes you absolutely have to grind for include: 

Sure, grinding can be a bit of a pain and take dozens of hours at most but note that you can always use the Warframe market. Moreover, you can also scour the trading hubs to obtain the materials and blueprints you need – check out our Warframe trading guide if you’re totally new to this. 

In your opinion, which Warframe do you think is the best, and why do you think we should spend hours grinding to obtain it? Let us know down in the comments!