Saryn Prime Warframe – Build & Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Saryn Prime is the Primed variant of the Toxin Girl, the primed variant possesses higher sprint speed, more armor and energy capacity along with an additional V (madurai) polarity.

Recently, Saryn Prime entered the vault on December 12th 2017, the Primed variant was vaulted and can’t be obtained anymore through farming. Nikana Prime and Spira Prime were also vaulted as they came together in a Primed bundle.

The Frame and the weapons vaulted together can still be obtained through trading and pre-existing relics. If you are looking to trade the relics/parts you can always head to the website to trade Prime Parts/Relics with fellow tenno.

Saryn Prime Details

Release Date: February 16th, 2016

Vault Date: December 12th, 2017

Saryn Prime Stats

  • Mastery Rank: 0
  • Health: 125 (375 at Max Rank)
  • Shield: 100 (300 at Max Rank)
  • Energy: 200 (300 at Max Rank)
  • Polarities: -, D, V
  • Aura – D
  • Sprint Speed: 1.0

Farm Saryn Prime

Below are the relics that you can purchase from or by trading from the trading channel.

Saryn Prime Relics

  • Blueprint: Lith S4 Rare, Meso S3 Uncommon, Meso S4 Rare, Neo S1 Rare
  • Neuroptics: Lith A1 Uncommon, Meso S5 Uncommon, Neo V4 Uncommon
  • Chassis: Meso S2 Rare, Neo S2 Rare
  • Systems: Lith H1 Common, Meso C1 Common, Meso F1 Common, Meso N4 Common, Neo N5 Common, Axi G1 Common, Axi T1 Common

Manufacturing Requirements

Best Saryn Prime Build

Below is the max reach High DPS Berehynia build that melts enemies across the whole map. This build can be used even if you are a Saryn Main, just replace one of the reach mods with Vitality for more tankiness in higher levels.

The build requires 3 forma, 1x “-” and 2x “V”.

  • Intensify + Transient Fortitude + Power Drift for maximum Power Strength.
  • Constitution + Primed Continuity for max duration. All of the powers are duration based so these mods are important.
  • Overextended + Stretch Maxed for maximum power range. Replace Stretch with Vitality if you need tankiness for high level missions.
  • Streamline for efficiency. Replace Vitality or Constitution with Fleeting Expertise if you want more power efficiency.

Saryn Prime vs Saryn

Primed variants are always supposed to be better looking and better in terms of stats. Also they come with few more polarities so that you don’t have to use too much (there’s never too much forma though). There’s not much you need in terms of details for this.

Fun Facts

  • S Prime and Volt Prime, posses highest energy pools compared to all frames in the game.
  • Saryn was the first frame in the game announced with a lore video.
  • Certain areas of the frame will grow when the 4th power (Toxic Lash) is casted.


  • Price – Average cost of Saryn P is 200 Platinum on as of now. It is recommended that you obtain her as she is not returning to the prime drop tables any soon.
  • Drop Locations – As mentioned earlier the relics that drop saryn are no more obtainable unless you trade them.