Mesa Prime Access – Relics & Farming Guide

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Mesa Prime – Mesa the frame known for her gunslinger abilities is finally going to get a primed variant. I have been waiting for this for a long time and it’s finally happening. We are also going to get Akjagara Prime and Redeemer Prime, Akjagara is going to be a beast that is for sure.

Do note, I have mentioned Mesa as a powerful frame in multiple articles on the website. Last week, I wrote an article on Best Frames in the game and Mesa was awarded as one of the best tank.

Look at that shiny armor, holy smokes. :O

Mesa Prime Access Contains

  • Mesa Prime – The primed variant of gunslinger Mesa.
  • Akjagara Prime – Primed and powerful variant of the well known dual-pistols Akjagara.
  • Redeemer Prime – Gunblade not used by many, but deathly at all times. This is a niche weapon not used by many but “Redeemer must redeem” this time around.

Prime Accessories

  • Anten Prime Operator Earpiece
  • Respa Prime Operator Mask
  • Erlang Prime Operator Oculus

The prime access also includes the gorgeous looking Cholla Prime sugatra. 90 Day Credit and Affinity boosters are also included as usual.

Mesa Prime Relics

  • Neo M2 – Mesa Prime Systems (rare)
  • Neo Z2 – Mesa Prime Blueprint (uncommon)
  • Axi H4 – Mesa Prime Chassis (common)
  • Lith M3 – Mesa Prime Neuroptics (rare)

This section will be updated when the relics are added to the drop table.

Tip: This is the right time to earn a lot of platinum, a new prime access has dropped and the demand is high.

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You can use my relic farming guide located here to efficiently farm the newly dropped relics with ease.

The primed variant of Mesa has a better looking armor, increased health and increased shields.

Do I need to buy the Prime Access to Get Mesa Prime?

No, you don’t need to buy the prime access pack to get access to anything in the game. Apart from the cosmetics and the boosters that come with the PA. This is what I really like about this game, everything can be farmed cough cough *EA*.

If you have any questions regarding the prime access and the relics. Drop them in the comment section below.