Best Place To Farm Circuits in Warframe

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Farm Circuits in Warframe – There are tons of resources in Waframe, there are hard to farm resources and there are easy to farm resources. Circuit is one of the easiest resources to farm in Warframe. I am currently holding over 200k+ of circuits in my account.

This is one of those resources that you can buy from the market, I remember this well enough because I bought it from the market when I was new to the game. You can buy 1500 Circuits for 30 platinum.

Farm Circuits in Warframe

Circuits are an uncommon resource that generally drop in quantities of 20 and 50. Some things that require it as a resource are

  • Loki Prime Systems
  • Nyx Prime Systems
  • Nova Prime Systems
  • Oberon Prime Neuroptics
  • Octavia Systems
  • Quanta
  • Volt Prime Neuroptics
  • Volt Prime Systems
  • Pandero
  • Obex

How To Get This Resource?

Best Method – Gabii on Ceres. This is a dark sector infestation survival mission that drops both cicruits and orokin cells. On top of that you have +35% resource drop chance of the Dark Sector.

The Lazy Method – Run a Titan Extractor to extract resources from Ceres and Venus.

Apart from the methods mentioned above, you can also run Dark Sector missions on Venus and Ceres. For boosting your chances of getting huge amounts of this resource run a squad of, a Speed Nova, a Pilfering Swarm Hydroid, a Desecrate Nekros and a Energy Vampire Trinity for unlimited energy and ulti spam.

These are the ways you can farm this resource, we have multiple guides about resource farming on our website such as Nitain Extract, Argon Crystals and Polymer Bundles.