How To Get Khora in Warframe – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Khora is the newly announced framed adding to the list of all the frames in the big list of frames that are available in the game. The release date of the frame is somewhere around the 3rd week of April 2018. The announcement of Khora was made in the Devstream 100 and was also mentioned in the Ghoul Fragments.

It has been said that the frame has been inspired by the Greek Goddess Kore, or Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. The theme of the frame is something that I don’t know about but will make sure to update here when the update for the frame is pushed later this week.

Khora Warframe

Below are the abilities of the frame


  • Passive: If you have a pet Kubrow or Kavat with you, the frame will gain 15% armor.
  • Whipclaw: Khora unleashes her whip which deals status based damage to enemies within a radius.
  • Ensnare: This ability is similar to Nidus’s Larva.
  • Venari: Khora will summon a friendly Kavat that will help you fight the enemies.
  • Strangledome: This is a damage based ability that I don’t know much about. I will make sure to update it once the frame is released.

Make sure to follow this page, I will be updating a video based on the abilities of a frame.

How To Farm Khora

Khora will be a quest-based frame that will be released with the quest Beasts of the Sanctuary.

Upon completion of the quest, you will be awarded the Khora Blueprint. The parts such as Neuroptics, Systems and Chassis can be obtained from Sanctuary Onslaught missions. I am pretty sure this will be a grind fest similar to what we had seen when Nidus was announced.

Manufacturing Requirements

Khora Drop Chance in Sanctuary Onslaught

DropRotationExpected Num. Zones99% – 99.99%
Chassis Blueprint (8.33%)A44316±106
Neuroptics Blueprint (7.69%)B102694±232
Systems Blueprint (5.64%)C136-144952±320
Khora Blueprint (5.64%)C136-144952±320

The frame will be announced next week and I will make sure to farm it as soon as I can and update the build here for you guys.

Khora Best Build

Still not sure if the frame will be a damage dealer, a crowd control frame or.. who knows. I guess we’ll find out.

Update: The frame has been released and new builds have been posted by a lot of YouTubers, let’s check out what’s ours. Currently, I am running the build that was posted by Tactical Potato on his YT channel, and it is working solidly for me.

That is all for the new frame, I am excited, are you?

Thoughts on the new frame?

The frame seems like meh to me, I thought Venari will be a damage dealer but it’s nothing but a fancy looking Kavat. You can try running around with the frame in parties, but this frame is not going to change the meta that is for sure.