How To Farm Endo in Warframe – Easy Guide 2022

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Whether a newbie or veteran, Endo is a must-have resource in Warframe. Its primary role is to enable you to upgrade from one mod to the next. Often, the amount of Endo required depends on your level.

In other words, you can use easy approaches at lower levels since you don’t need a lot of Endo. For instance, you can rely on rewards. Alternatively, you can go for the minor amounts that drop from slain enemies.

However, higher levels will require a decent stock of Endo. That way, you can effortlessly upgrade your mods whenever the need arises. So, how can you achieve that?

Best Places to Farm Endo in Warframe

1. Sell Ayatan Sculptures 

Selling Ayatan Sculptures can earn you thousands of Endo income. Apart from getting them from the solar system, sculptures can also be rewards from Arbitration and Sorties missions. They also exist as small stars whose value increases if you insert them into larger sculptures.

So, you can put cyan and amber stars in your sculptures, find Maroo in her Bazaar on Mars and convince her to buy and earn yourself some Endo.

2. Arbitrations

Unlike other missions, arbitrations are limited and pretty tough. However, you can be sure to farm a decent amount of Endo upon completion. Remember, you’ve got to complete the Star Chart to unlock arbitration missions. That said, arbitrations might not be an ideal option for newbie players.

3. Selling/Dissolving Duplicate Mods

In the course of Warframe, it’s common to find duplicate mods. You can sell or dissolve them for credits. You can also use them to farm Endo. 

Since there are other ways to farm credits, the best decision is to leverage the opportunity. That way, you’re sure to fetch a sizable amount of Endo for the rainy days. In addition, selling duplicate mods for Endo is easier than trading them for credits.

Further, the amount of Endo you’ll get often depends on the type of mods you’re having. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Common mods: These will earn you 5 Endo, 
  • Uncommon mods: They trade for 10 Endo 
  • Rare modules: Can fetch up to 15 Endo
  • Prime (Legendary): Keep them since they are rare and quite valuable

4. Rathuum Arena

You can farm a considerable amount of Endo from the Rathuum arena. You’ll want to involve an entire squad of Tenno in order to achieve your objective quickly. Nonetheless, you can go solo, although the output will be considerably lower.

The missions involved here are Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi. The three missions pit Grineer enemies in the arena. The goal here is to slay at least 25 enemies. That way, you can earn Judgement points and progress to the next level. Remember, you’ve to reach Vodyanoi to farm Endo.


It’s the first level and requires no Judgment points to enter. The enemies are set at level 40; therefore easy to tackle if you’re a squad. However, newer players can find this level a bit challenging.

Further, the energy drops are pretty limited and range from 15 to 200 Endo. So, they might not be sufficient for all the players. In addition, you’ll earn around 10 Judgment points upon successful completion.


Since enemies are set at level 60, they often have higher armor, making them dangerous for some frames in Warframe. In fact, even experienced players can have difficulties completing this session.

Progressing to Yam requires 10 Judgment Points which are left out when the mission kicks off. In the end, expect a reward of 15 Judgment Points and about 15 to 300 Endo.


Getting here requires at least 15 Judgment Points. It’s just what was earned at Yam. Like Yam, Vodyanoi can be challenging for experienced players since the enemies are set to level 85. Aside from killing the enemies quickly, a knowledgeable squad can keep the drops in one area.

Also, Nekros and Nidus are other awesome ways to farm Endo in Vodyanoi. Nekros increase your chance of getting more loot which you can use to farm Endo. On the other hand, Nidus disable and pile the enemies so that slaying becomes a straightforward task for the team.

Combining Nekros and Nidus with Tigris Prime and Kohm is also essential. Those two feature high slash damage. So, you farm more Endo with minimal hustle.

Lastly, try to keep your drops in one place as much as possible. So, make sure to avoid wandering far away when camping. That way, members of the squad can farm Endo in one spot.

Can’t Earn Endo? Save It!

Still on the Rathuum Arena, you can leverage on the Legendary Core. With a drop chance of 0.5%, it’s among the rare drop items available in Warframe. Unlike the other approaches, the Legendary Core won’t earn you Endo. 

However, it can help you save up to 40.920 Endo. Remember, you’ve got to complete Sorties and use the item on an unranked prime mod. Once those conditions are met, the Legendary Core will upgrade mods from zero to the max.

Tier 3 Excavation Missions

The missions involved here are Hieracon, Despina, and the Cholistan. Expect to earn up to 400 Endo with every rotation A of tier 3 excavation missions. Although that’s not a lot of Endo, excavations are a super easy farming method. Besides, you’ll earn relics and resources which can help you get Prime equipment along the way. 

Pro tip: You can farm more Endo by opening two excavators and having a reliable team. 

Bounty Rewards

Like Tier 3 Excavation Missions, this option will fetch just a handful of Endo. Nonetheless, it’s a straightforward method to increase your stock of Endo. So, you can give it an attempt since all you want is to have as many Endo as you possibly can. 


The ease of farming Endo depends on your approach. Often, straightforward options like rewards and excavation missions won’t earn you much Endo. So, you’ll need other not-so-easy tactics like arbitrations to fetch a sufficient amount of Endo. On top of that, make sure to have enough credits—Warframe is thrilling and expensive too.