How To Get Corrosive Projection in Warframe – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 17, 2022

Corrosive Projection is an aura mod that reduces the armor of all the enemies you will encounter in a mission. As an aura mod, the armor reduction also applies to your squad as well, making missions and runs a bit easier to complete. 

This mod is actually one of the strongest aura mods in the game for how much it boosts you and your squads’ damage output per run. Essentially, when your whole 4-player squad has a rank 5 Corrosive Projection equipped, you will be reducing your enemy’s armor up to 72%—this is without even adding the other damage boosts and armor reduction abilities or mods that you or your squad may have. 

As you may have noticed, Corrosive Projection’s aura additively stacks with your squad’s Corrosive Projection aura as well, making it a nice addition to your arsenal when doing quests and runs. It’s important to note though that with other armor reduction auras and status effects like Corrosive, Corrosive Projection stacks multiplicatively which is less effective than the aforementioned additive formula.

Corrosive Projection Mod Stats

The armor reduction and mod capacity of Corrosive Project per rank are as follows:

RankArmor ReductionMod Capacity Cost

How to Farm and Corrosive Projection

Although Corrosive Projection is one hell of an aura mod for runs, it’s actually not that hard to get.

As of writing, there is only one way to get the Corrosive Projection aura mod: to buy it from the Nightwave Cred Offerings for 20 Nora’s Choice Cred. Since that’s so simple, let’s actually talk about how to get the 20 Nora’s Choice Cred you need for it instead.

To get the required 20 creds, you need to do Nightwave system challenges first. These challenges range from daily and weekly ones where you can compete to earn Nightwave Standing and of course, Nora’s Choice Creds. Every time you complete a challenge, you earn Nightwave Standing which you use to level through Nightwave’s 30 levels, each with varying levels of difficulty and objectives to complete. And guess what: every time you level up, you get exclusive and rare rewards. If you ever receive a duplicate reward, you will receive 50 Nora’s Choice Creds. Don’t worry though! You won’t be needing to wait for RNG to bless you with duplicates as for your first level or rank up, you would have already received 150 Nora’s Choice Creds by then which is more than enough for a Corrosive Projection. 

One downside to this method though is that Corrosive Projection is for sale on the Nightwave Cred Offerings store on a rotational basis, meaning you will have to wait for the exact day on when it will arrive in your store. There’s really no getting away from RNG in this game, unfortunately. 

You can access Nightwave system challenges by opening your Navigation console and finding the Nightwave button, or alternatively, you can also open your Main Menu and click the banner on the lower right corner of the screen. 


With 4 Corrosive Projections in your squad and a load of other abilities or mods that reduce mobs’ armor, you can just imagine how much damage you’ll deal without needing to break through their armor first. Not to mention how easy it is to get and to farm compared to other aura mods and items in the game. The only real bottleneck and issue with getting this mod is the element of RNG that comes while waiting for it to appear in your Nightwave Cred Offerings store. There’s really no other way around it other than to patiently sit and wait for it to finally appear.

With all this knowledge in mind, my final thoughts about Corrosive Projection is that it can single-handedly brush off seconds or even minutes of your runs if used in conjunction with other Corrosive Projections and armor reduction mods, making it one of my top picks for mods you should get in Warframe.

Let us know how easy your Corrosive Projection farming went down in the comments below!