Should You Play Path Of Exile In 2021?

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

One of the most admirable things about Path of Exile is that it isn’t something that started out for profit. It is purely a product of passion. Path of exile is an Action Role Playing Game that used to be extremely rare in the 2000s. Some fans of the genre were fed up with the fact that there weren’t many games available and decided to make a game of their own.

Since 2013 the game has become free to play on Steam, and Grinding Gear Games have not given up on their dream project since then.

The Initial Bumps on the Road

Since the game’s release, it had gained a lot of popularity among players who had been waiting for a Diablo game to be released for what almost felt like an eternity. Although the game borrowed a lot from the fantastic Blizzard franchise, it lacked a lot too.

The skill trees, for example, were so complicated that new players would just be extremely confused about what to do and how to proceed in the game. This was facilitated a lot with the online community, who constantly posted and updated about the new content and leagues that were released by Grinding Gear Games.

However, once players got a hang of the game, everything fell into place quite well. And now, with the constant updates from the developers, its safe to say that everything, including the Skill Trees have been completely revamped, making them not only easier to use for previous players but also for new ones.

Echoes of the Atlas

With all the hiccups in mind and keeping a close ear to what the community had to say about the game, Grinding Gear Games made sure they improved Path of Exile with every league update. With the 2021 league update called Echoes of the Atlas, Path of Exile has many new and some old features to offer that had been missed by the community.

Previous Leagues Support and Maven’s Arena

First of all, the biggest thing that has been added is that you can choose to go on the path of any of the older leagues. For instance, if you were a lot better in skillset building of Blight, Echoes of the Atlas allows you to continue down that same skill set path. 

This is mostly based on how you unlock the ascendancy paths, and for that, a new boss has been introduced, known as Maven. Maven has an arena where you will have to battle defeated bosses in her presence to be able to unlock different ascendancy points and progress. The catch here is that to earn points in Maven’s arena, you will have to battle bosses with increasing difficulty. 

For instance, you fight two bosses at the same time; you get two points. The next time you fight four at the same time to earn two more points. A total of ten points can be earned in a progression of 3, 4,5,6, and finally 10 bosses at the same time. So yes, it’s a grind, but it’s worth it.

11 New Maps

Path of Exile has been known for a large world, and it seems Echoes of the Atlas makes it even larger with 11 new maps available to explore and collect loot in. The maps also offer beautiful visuals as these new maps are designed on the Path of Exile 2.0 tilesets.

With all this new content launching and Path of Exile 2.0 just a year away, checking out Echoes of the Atlas is a must for an ARPG fan. For players who have already invested hundreds of hours into the game, the new update will absolutely blow you away with the harvest and heist features coming back.