Character Versus Character Debate

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

The age-old question would be answered, who is the better player? Shooters had long pride themselves on a battle of skill and teamwork. One man can carry a team, but nothing beats rounding a couple of buddies on a cold Saturday night with a bottle of brewski for a round of intergalactic warfare. Armed to the teeth and having one goal in mind, it is a great reprieve to go online and blast some hapless enemies into oblivion and turn them into space dust. Load your weapons and prepare your light levels because it will be a busy weekend.

Destiny 2 has a couple of activities for the player and their online or real-life friends. Strikes and raids happen every weekend for players to get into a deathmatch and get their hands on legendary loot. Now for you to participate you must have a high light level or you will just be cannon fodder, not earning any of the prized weapons and armors but the respect of your friends. Unless you want to be carried the whole way, no one wants to be a liability especially in an intense gunfight where blasters and spears are flying everywhere.

Get your battle on

Since the Iron Banner has been canceled until further notice, the number of activities for players in Destiny 2 has taken a back seat, dwindling in numbers according to a recent tweet from Bungie. Players have now trapezed in the tight rope that was once a wide walkway of strikes and raids. With a little bit of hesitation, the developers needed a breath of fresh air to avoid saturation in such events. In comes the Player Vs Player debate, most RPGs have given players ample reasons to pit their skills against like-minded players. One on one, a battle for supremacy. Who is the better guardian? Would a Titan dominate a Warlock in a firefight? Who would go home licking their wounds and stroking their ego while the other does the happy dance emote that is popular these days (no orange justice here, that is another game). Flaunting all those hours grinding for that new set of armor, weapon, and engrams. It’s time to strut and show them who is the king of the hill.

Players would be pitted against each other, with the same light level of course so the difficulty spike would not be that big. Yes, David and goliath seem like an inspiring story on paper, but in an intergalactic deathmatch, that would be a short and painful story to tell. Bungie created the event to pit the same players with the same levels as each other to remove the advantage. Skill is the key to winning this battle, you get to carry weapons that you already have. But as they say, it’s not the equipment but the user, the loot is lucrative as you mow down opponents and prove who the number one guardian the traveler can be proud of.

As the Dust Settles

Once the event begins, players can queue in the lobby and wait for the matchmaking to begin. Developers had put the word out that the queue would show every weekend like any normal raid or strike. Just log in to your Destiny 2 account and you are ready to go. Now the system is not yet as sophisticated as others and you might encounter pilot accounts, but do not sweat as the game tries its best to keep the playing field fair and avoid any mismatch.

Legendary and Exotic Equipment is up for grabs once you win and see your name on the leaderboard. Bragging rights with matching shiny gear to boot. You cannot go wrong with the spoils of war. Show off your newly acquired kit and deck your guardian with the best that the game has to offer. Up for a challenge? Then grind other events to get to the top of the food chain. Stop being the hunted and be the hunter.  

Final Thoughts Shooting someone in the face with a bit of lightning is oh so satisfying, even gratuitous in some parts of the gaming community. You arm yourself to the teeth, glowing light shield and all, and meet other players that want to put a world of hurt on your digital self. You versus another player, he who comes out on top would be raising his hand in victory and arming himself with the best that the game has to offer. Once everything settles down and the Iron Banner returns, this is a reprieve for players looking for a variety of ways to enjoy another event provided by Bungie. The time for talking is done, debating should be held in forums and classrooms. Here we let our guns do the talking. Boom Booyah!