The Road to The Witch Queen

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Want to destroy the hive? Then go the Queen. The Road to The Witch Queen is a new player in the game. Named Sathona, she is a Hive God and sister of Xivu Arath, God of War, and Onyx, the Taken King. She was the precursor of the Hive species and was one of the chief gods, making a pact with the Worms of Fundament (A different story altogether). 

She will be added to the expansion of the already massive lore of Destiny 2. The full arc was announced early last year and was scheduled to be released in early 2021. Starting with Beyond the light, The Road to The Witch Queen will follow closely with the season of the Chosen. The world of the game continues to evolve with added villains and added gear to arm guardians for the battle that will commence.

Since Covid had hit most offices, the Bungie team has committed to releasing the updated version of the game. With fresh armor and weapons, refining their vision of PVP and implementing cross-play. That means that even if you and your friends settled for different consoles or gaming tools, the game would allow you to participate in raids bringing more cooperation and firepower through a formidable combat system that already exists.

All Hail the Queen

 The Witch Queen might be new, but she is no pushover. 

Expanding the story of a great game. Going with a new name and a dominating persona, she will have you shouting girl power in no time. Trying to understand the deeper secrets of the universe, she will stop at nothing to gain power through deception and confusion for those trying to understand the bigger picture. On the path for galaxy domination, this is one lady you do not want to mess with. Now named Sathona, this is a name that would strike fear through every guardian’s heart. Knowing that she is a genius in the tactical sense, Taox acknowledged that she cannot fight, Taox with his agenda, wanted to have the sisters of the Witch Queen on his side for the plan to come to fruition. Stealing his father’s worm, The Witch Queen vowed that she would become a mother and raise her spawn on the corpses of the Helium Drinkers. Such is the life of monarchy, one day you are fighting for the throne next thing you know you are thinking of building a family to rule the galaxy.

The Witch Queen Is Coming

With the new expansion announced as early as last year, players were psyched to the maximum as an expansion of the game’s story means more to explore, loot, and raid. That means the replay value of the game increases as time goes on. Another thing that comes along with it is the ability to transmog items, which means that it will no longer look like the dull color it used to, but you can now change it to something more pleasing to the eye. How weapons and armor systems can be handled, by simplifying access and makes it more pedestrian. This to attract new players and add a little comfort to an altogether great game. Destiny 2 does not shy away from gathering the best from all over the world with patches and up-to-date content every month. Bungie makes sure that it keeps its old players while attracting newbies with an easy learning curve. Bungie continues to improve on its PVP and PVE experience without dulling the event itself. Loot and other goodies are in store for those who are brave enough to go after the Queen herself.

Patience is a Virtue.

Alas, so many good things to expand on, story, action, and items. But players must wait a little longer to get a shot at the Witch Queen, Bungie, due to the pandemic and recent additions to its workload had delayed the update until early 2022. Assistant Director Joe Blackburn, who confirmed that the expansion was pushed back in part due to changes in development and the ongoing pandemic. He also stated that he wanted to reach a bar of quality that the team strives for before releasing the expansion. While talking about the delay, Blackburn said that Bungie is in the process of upgrading the foundations of the game. The team will be changing its approach in handling weapon and armor systems, thus making the game more inviting for new players.

Final Thoughts While the Hive takes its sweet time gathering its reinforcements, Guardians would be treated to a lot of events this 2021. Player Versus Player and other lucrative experiences will keep even the most hardened guardian entertained. Most of the events would provide exotics and better weapons and armor for all classes. Getting your trigger finger, the scratch it deserves.