Angels of Death – Player Versus Player Event

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Event after event, the people at Bungie do not seem to run out of ideas to keep things fresh. Now that most have been locked in due to pandemic restrictions. Your gaming should not suffer. Destiny 2 still has a lot of content left in the tank before a major revamp happens in the future. Some events will try to target a bigger clientele and cater to what people enjoy the most. The season of the chosen has shown an upgraded staging ground called the H.E.L.M. Setting the War Table, meet with Zavala, and acquire the Hammer of Proving to orchestrate another victory. This serves as your hub for quests and other missions for you to get your hands on that exotic that you have been eyeing for months.

Another activity added in this season is the Battlegrounds. The fallout of a failed peace talk with the Cabal now has them taking up arms on multiple planets. Defend the glory of the empire. A three-player matchmade activity, engage Caiatl’s elite warriors and prove yourself worthy. Season pass owners would have more to look forward to other than the usual fare of player vs player activities that Bungie has cooked up. New artifacts and mods to unlock. Season progress can now be tracked, meet your achievements, and unlock cool rewards. Level accordingly and the prize would just be as great.

You and Me

Most events take place in the Crucible and players willingly jump into the fray, guns blazing and armor shining brighter than the sun. Now the question is, what would happen if some of your favorite non-playable characters joined the fight. Never would you imagine that in a shared world, all these wise and powerful guides to your adventure can one day come into the arena and shoot it up. Destiny is doing what Celebrity Deathmatch was doing when it was popular. Pitting popular franchise faces and getting them in a fight for domination. Never seen matchups that would make even the most hardcore fan drool. It begs to ask the question, who would in a fight? King Kong and Godzilla had been doing it for years and a movie was just released recently. A showdown of epic proportions, leaving onlookers in awe and wide-open mouths. Wide gaping and ready for the taking most players live for these moments. The question is who will you put your money on? And would Bungie let you control these non-playable characters and see if they are the stories that made them?

Your Call

Bungie wants to keep things fresh for old players since most of the events have turned stale for veterans, to attract more players, it started developing more substantial drops and challenging raids without really feeling like a grind. The player versus player will solve the debate and settle it once and for all. The question is, would the abilities of these non-playable be something that a veteran would look forward to. Will Cayde-6 prove to be the badass that he is portrayed in the game trailers, fighting off enemies and leading the guardian offensive after everything was destroyed. Will the leaders of each faction hold up to their reputation as conquerors of planets? With high-tech weaponry and a never-ending supply of minions, this would make a fun and exciting event that players can look forward to. Trials of the Nine replaced the Trials of the Osiris, accessed through completing the main story campaign, defeating Lord Shaxx, and have a power level of 260. Another update that Bungie is looking into is the Iron Banner PvP mode. Challenging the player’s abilities instead of their power levels, balancing was one major factor that the developers tried to investigate. With clamor for additional content and matchmaking, the developers would have their hands full, once the second half of 2021 rolls around.

The Future Looks Bright

They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but what is life without variety. Bungie had come across huge obstacles before the start of the year, with players exploiting the game’s system. Developers wanted to put their foot down and make sure everyone enjoys the game and have it played like its supposed to. So, adding another feature like non-playable characters would be a fresh breath of air to clear out some of the smoke that was created by this debacle.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are privy or not about this development, it should get you excited. Getting a character with light levels beyond any other user or just adding more lore to the already rich compendium in Destiny 2 would add value to an otherwise great game already. Guardians would be called; heroes would be judged not by their defeats but their victories, sing them songs, and build them statues. Heed the call!