Praedyth’s Revenge

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Ooh, Shiny! An upgraded rifle, legendary as they call it. Making its reappearance in year 3 of Destiny 2 this powerful sniper rifle was named after the important guardian and the means that she used to fight the Taken.

Praedyth who?

A warlock who had been a part of Kabr’s Fireteam, they moved on to the Vault of Glass, a raid located in Venus, named as the most challenging experience that Bungie has created, it promises players that if you complete it the rewards would be great, taking hours to complete, even the most hardened Guardians feel at awe when walking through its doorstep. Praedyth was a story conjured and believed to be a myth, leaving only his timepiece and revenge as evidence of her existence. Vanguards investigated and found a message coming from the Vault. His fate was explored deeply in the Story Mission Paradox. Giving the game some Back to The Future vibes. After fighting and fending off Taken, the Guardian (the player) discovers his corpse, rotting and joining the planet within the Vault of Glass. Although, another evidence shows that he exists in another timeline (see the Back to the Future reference?). A secret area can trigger the Paradox Mission when doing the daily heroic, Praedyth is revealed to be existing in another timeline and originally worked for the Future War Cult using a custom-made Ghost shell, known to the players as the Intrusion Shell. His spirit implies that he was one of the first Guardians to discover Oryx’s power to take through what would become his transcendent powers, as she claims that she saw the darkness wear “Fallen Captain like clothes” implying the presence of the Taken.

Glass Ceiling

Getting the sniper rifle would not be an easy task. The Vault of Glass is one of the four raids in the game. Eric Osborne admitted that the entrance alone is a challenge, taking his team 45 minutes to crack. But if you are teamed up with friends, the challenge vanishes altogether. Your steps must be coordinated, like a deadly flash mob that involves intergalactic warfare and things that go kaboom. Enemies include Axis Goblins and Hobgoblins, Harpy, Minotaur, and Hydra. Adding to the mythos of an already vast lineup of enemies that you would face in Destiny 2, this raid is unlike any other. Once you have gathered enough buddies with the same goal in mind. Enter the Vault of Glass

Revenge is a dish…

So, all this trouble for a sniper rifle? Veterans would probably smile and feel amused about your naivety. This gun has been in the game since the first year, why bring it back. Well to start, it is a legendary sniper rifle. If legendary does not get you interested, then stay for more. Its perks are something to marvel at, with Void damage taking the forefront. Most of the shots that you would take would deal 100% of the normal damage values against Arc and Solar shields, 200% on Void. Most of the enemies that you will encounter would have one of the three, so that already ups your advantage in a firefight. 

Kill enemies and drink in some of its unique perks. Kill with the weapon and increase your reload time for a short time, getting you out of that sticky situation. Like to do headshots? Precision kills with this and it will cause the target to explode. Vault of Glass feels like a challenge? Oracles will bow down to this once you have it equipped. You can even add more damage making you the maître d of pain. Got you interested yet? 

Well, the way to get it might be rewarding as well.

Hail Hydra

To get your hands on this legendary weapon, you must defeat the Templar, an extremely powerful Vex Hyrda, its unique because it can manipulate reality guarding the secrets and treasures of the Vault. Immune to damage at the first part of the fight thanks to its shield. Players must defend the confluxes as this is his main power source. Summoning fanatics could wipe out your entire raid team. Part 2 will have him summon the Oracles, if not destroyed again, a wipeout is inevitable. The third part will put you face to face with this behemoth and only Super Attacks work. Putting you in bubbles, you must find a way to pump him with enough damage to finally destroy him. Upgrades on the Vault of Glass added summons for the Templar and additional gameplay, so do not fall into a false sense of security. Coordination is the key here.

Final Thoughts

So after all of this and the dust settles, you will finally get Praedyth’s prized rifle. So if you and your friends are a glutton for punishment, step up and batter up.