Destiny 2: Dreaming City 2021

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

It was all a dream. Bungie has released a fix for one of its major locations in the game. Dreaming City, featured in Destiny 2: Forsaken. This area serves as a major endgame destination and features a raid in the city’s core. It is located within the reef and is accessible after completing the game’s campaign.

One of the several cities constructed by the Awoken, bluish-gray species in the Destiny universe. Think of James Cameron’s Avatar, without the long tentacle at the back of the head. 

Build around The Reef, The Dreaming City was their most prized achievement, made to imitate and preserve the society brought by The Awoken from the Distributary. The Dreaming City was evacuated before the invasion of Oryx. When Oryx was killed by the Awoken Queen, he became aware of the city and dispatched the Taken there. As of Forsaken, these Taken served Ahamkara Riven. The city is now trapped under a curse laid down by Riven, who acted upon the wish of her killers. Trapped in a three-week cycle, where the corruption cannot be stopped, Guardians must destroy the source of the Corruption, but this is to no avail. Destroying the source merely restarts the city and the Awoken trapped in there.

Wake Me

Parts of the City have raids included in them. Cooperating with five other players, communication and high-level abilities are a requirement for you to be successful. Given minimum guidance and objectives instead Guardians need to figure everything out before they proceed. Hence, the importance of coordination. There are two difficulties available, normal, and hard. Competing normal would unlock the hard mode, with harsher death penalties and new enemy behavior. It adds a little zing to team battles and gunfights. Each raid has exclusive loot, a complete set of armor, a class item, and one legendary weapon for each type. Some will drop on the hard mode variant, also giving you a chance of getting an exotic weapon for your collection. Once the loot is collected, the player character is locked from receiving any further loot until it resets the next week (Tuesday). Encounter loot drops have an independent weekly lockout for each difficulty. So, if a player tries to do a raid run on hard mode each week before it is run on normal, each loot drop will deliver both normal and hard rewards together. No doubling up here. Completing the weekly featured raid along with its challenges can yield an extra chance at basic encounter completion loot in addition to exotic versions of legendary primary weapons that are obtainable throughout the raid and ornaments that can be applied to raid gear.

City of Dreams

Activities in the Dreaming City is an endgame patrol that becomes accessible after completing the Forsaken campaign. A raid is present in the city and it’s located at the core, known as the Keep of Voices, equaling the size of Nessus. The faction vendor that can be found here is Petra Venj. The location will include new public events, activities, and questlines. An activity named Blind Well is a major location in the area. Groups of three to six Guardians can pledge offerings to a monument to summon creatures to fight and eventually defeat. Guardians can unlock new areas, fight bosses at the end of each activity. Here are some of the weapons you can find in the City. Dreambane Armor Set, Heretic, an arc heavy rocket launcher, Apostate, an arc sniper rifle, Blasphemer, a kinetic shotgun, and the Premonition a void pulse rifle. The map for each Guardian serves as a tool or beacon for which objectives can be met. Appearing on the Hud, it shows the next step for each player and is very important to track progress, collect loot and recognize quest goals. A recent bug has appeared where after the player has collected or opened a chest. The icon still shows on the map, this can be problematic for completionists as it is a big mess to just fathom. Imagine asking for directions and being given the same instructions over and over. This is the problem that it presents. Bungie and the developers have recently released a patch and fixed this issue. No more going back to four different places to collect any item that you may have missed.

Final Thoughts

Destiny has been on the crosshairs of most major online forums because of the lack of attention that it pays to some of the small details in the game. But players voicing their concerns is a welcome addition to the process of game development. Most would usually go online or on social media to voice their concerns and it’s a matter of time before it catches on like wildfire. Fixing the icons is no small feat and hopefully, Bungie would continue to polish this game, so we can keep on visiting the Dream City.

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