Crucible Updates

Last Updated on October 16, 2022


A whole golden age shipyard, but crawling with Fallen” – Arach Jalaal

The Cosmodrome is a location in Destiny the Video game that is in Old Russia, a place where Warmind Rasputin has once called home, it was operated by the Russian Federal Bureau of Aeronautics, a vital link in the Golden Age, and after the collapse, ships can be seen here waiting to fly again.

The Cosmodrome made a return in the Quest, The Lost Cryptarch in Destiny 2 Forsaken, the player travels to track down the killer of Master Ives and reclaim the exotic machine gun, Thunderlord. Featuring a boss named Kikliss Murderer, the killer of Master Ives. In Beyond the Light the Cosmodrome was reintroduced as a permanent destination and provided additional lore for players

Location, Location

Besides launching Colony ships, this place was a vital planetary array that maintained the connection of the colonies and provided housing for the Warmind Rasputin, protecting the earth from outside threats/ Since the Collapse, the house of the devils made this place their home, with a hive invasion force fighting to establish a beachhead for a pending invasion of earth. The House of king keeping watch from the old control center. By the time of the SIVA Crisis, the Kings have withdrawn, and the Devil Splicer has risen to the ranks, threatening the remaining Hive nests. The defeat of Aksis pulled the remaining forces and set the trend for most Fallen house. Zavala then issued a quarantine forbidding any contact with the Cosmodrome. Four years after the events of the SIVA Crisis, the Fallen has returned, House of Dusk and House of Salvation. Two hidden sects of the hive, led by Navota and Ak Baral, replacing the Hidden swarm that originally occupied the area. The quarantine was lifted and Shaw Han’s fireteam was deployed in the region. Some parts of the region are called lost sectors and players can opt to visit them for loot and other rewards.

Lost City

Since the quarantine was lifted, Shaw Han had established a base there and is no ready to take back what previously belonged to the earth. Parts of the Cosmodrome are called Lost Sectors, locations you can access to the Divide. Now players have noticed an exploit, some of these areas are inaccessible at first, protected by barriers. Activities and quests need to be completed before you can proceed. But recently players can just move around the environment to unlock the first barrier. How do you get there in the first place? Spawn near Shaw Han, then turn around and go back through the buildings to The Divide. Go straight, jump into the low building then go up to the large circular tank. A symbol would be visible near the hole. Jump in and get ready for a fight.

We come in pieces.

Just like other parts of the map, this Lost Sector is full of Fallen enemies. Clear all of them to drop the shield and progress through the map. There are plenty of Servitors to fight and a couple of large Shanks. The final Boss is a massive Servitor Fallen in an arena. Reminiscent of a gladiator but not an audience in sight. Smaller Servitors float around, kill all of them and a door will open, allowing you to quickly get back that hole you entered. Once you have gotten past the required power level, you can unlock the Legend and Master difficulty and try to get new Exotics. This is a challenge as the difficulty spike curves and throws everything at you, including the proverbial kitchen sink. But once you get the hang of it, get ready for that shiny new weapon or armor to kit your Guardian.

There is a glitch in the Matrix.

Players oftentimes want ways to gain an advantage in the game, whether it’s getting the most powerful weapon and armor. Using the environment to their advantage or blowing their winning stats by leaving in the middle of an ongoing match. The list goes on and on. Depends on how you view things in the game, some purists will say that you can do better and shake their head in disapproval, others would laugh at the extent most would go through to see how the system can be overridden. These things have been prevalent since time immemorial, even if a new video game comes around. Players would always find an exploit to go over the system and check how developers respond. Bungie has been on the crackdown for anything that would tarnish the game and are hard at work in keeping things working for the time being. So bugs and fixes would always be a routinary occurrence, especially in a fast-paced shooter like Destiny 2. So which one will you take? The red or blue pill?