Strikes and Fixes

Last Updated on October 16, 2022

Strike first and Strike Hard. Such is the credo of a popular Karate dojo from Karate Kid. Destiny 2 has released a recent fix for two of its strike events. Strikes are three-player activities with a series of objectives culminating in a boss battle. It can be launched directly from a destination or from the Vanguard Director, which contains two playlists, Vanguard and Nightfall. Vanguard loads the player into a random Strike. Any vacant slots in Fireteam, the system would look for available players in the queue before the activity begins. Nightfall contains a single Strike, which changes weekly. Players can select the difficulty, which affects the modifiers and enemy power. It uses a scoring system that determines the rewards and the time spent on the Strike. Bungie had addressed some issues on two of its active strikes, and below is what they have done about them.

Fallen S.A.B.E.R

A strike that takes place in Old Russia, Earth, the fireteam arrives at the Cosmodrome to stop a super-powered Shank, named S.A.B.E.R 2 from taking over Rasputin’s ancient Golden Age Warsats in orbit. The objectives are to reach the distress coordinates, decrypt the access code, defend the Warsat, Open the Bunker, disable the defenses, and destroy S.A.B.E.R 2. Two legendary weapons are available after this strike. But some issues have arisen and now Bungie is on to it. The strike boss would not respawn until all players are alive. Waypoint behavior was improved. Grammatical errors in text directives were corrected. Zavala now doesn’t sound like a broken record in the first area and the Fallen Energy shield sticking out of the wall was removed. A small update to make the strike even more engaging to players. The key to the strike though after Bungie has smoothened all the edges are making your preparations beforehand, treating the strike as a public event, the more the merrier. Take cover, not all armor can withstand enemy firepower so make use of cover to blast them away. 

Use specials accordingly, this can spell victory or a round restart. Enemies still spawn even if you are finished with your objective, so be on the move to clean up each section and focus on finishing your objective. Fallen S.A.B.E.R is a strike that takes coordination and preparedness to a whole new level, now some of the bugs are cleared pound this Shank to the ground.

Devil’s Lair

Part of the Quest Nothing Left but the fall, this is a strike that takes place in Old Russia, Earth. It takes a Fireteam of Guardians to battle Fallen and Hive enemies both above and underground. Partway through the Devil’s Lair, players will encounter a Fallen Shield Mesh Generator, which was sealed and can only be hacked by your Ghost, which can take several minutes. Players must defend against waves of Enemies ending in a battle with Naksis, Devil Baron. After that, a Devil Walker will appear and leads you to Sepiks Prime. Some of the tactics you can use are to use the map well, some parts are inaccessible to enemies and can be used to your advantage. Once you encounter Sepiks Prime, the building on the right will give you protection from attacks and a good firing line. Aim for the Eye for critical hits, shoot through the gaps while he is attacking for a better chance of survival. Some of the fixes the developers have done on the Strike is, showing the Health bar for Sepiks Prime, so you know if your attacks are connecting. Floating environmental objects have better animation, don’t look like a cheap haunted house ride. Monster spawn points look like accessible doorways. The Overload Captain now has his correct name. Respawn of Fallen Walker and Fallen Brigs after they were defeated. Players can get lost in the environment and go through walls ending in a round restart. Now it’s easier to focus on your objectives instead of worrying if the enemies would show up where you are hiding or not knowing how much damage you are dishing out to the main boss.

Final Thoughts

Strikes are one of the popular events players can take a part in, instead of looking for other things to do in the game. Guardians can now hop on the thick of the battle and blast some computer-controlled enemies with a clear set of goals, nothing beats a fireteam that has one target in mind. Bungie and its developers may be strapped with the other ongoing issues that the game has encountered, but it’s a welcome addition to iron these things out to improve player experience. No one wants to play a game where characters and enemies phase through walls or float without any reason at all. Gameplay-wise, this can either make or break events and player traffic in-game.