How To Get Octavia Prime Relics – Farming Guide

Last Updated on October 15, 2022

Octavia Prime Relics – It’s no secret we love Octavia, which is why we’re hyped that her prime variant will be on Prime Access. The golden girl, along with her siren songs and malady-inflicting mandachord, will have better shields, energy, and overall stats than her regular variant. Her impending arrival was announced in Warframe Devstream #151, and she’ll come with the primed versions of her signature weapons.

She looks stunning, akin to a flashy performer on stage. Her attractive red, white, and gold chassis will be the subject of other frames’ envy, while her abilities will be the bane of those who will try to oppose her.

Octavia Prime Access

Once the Nezha Prime Access ends later this month, the Octavia Prime Frame will make its way into the program. Compared to Octavia, it has more shields (100 at rank 1, 300 at 30) and energy (175 at rank 1, 262 at 30) as shown on the dev stream, though it could change upon release. There’s also still no word about her Polarities and other stats. However, we can confirm she has a passive ability where, upon contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb, will make her release 250 energy to allies in her vicinity. 

Apart from Octavia Prime herself and her weapons, her prime access will also come with: 

  • Her prime weapons:
    • Tenora Prime
    • Pandero Prime
  • The attractive and elaborately-designed Serenidine Prime Syandana
  • An armor set
  • An exclusive prime shawzin players can use to play music.
  • A new mandachord sound pack

The relic names, parts, and how to farm them will be posted as soon as we have more information, so be sure to bookmark this page and return later. 

Octavia Prime Access release date

The Octavia Prime Frame frame release date will be February 23rd across all platforms (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X).

How to farm Octavia Prime Relics

How to farm Octavia Prime and ways to obtain her relics and other crafting requirements will be posted here once details are available. However, if you want the frame immediately after it drops, you can just purchase the prime access. 

  • Blueprint – AXI 05 – Rare
    – We suggest going to Xini on Eris. B and C rotations on this interception will always drop an Axi Relic. Also where we farm for Neo Relics.
  • Chassis – Neo Z7 – Uncommon
    – We suggest going to Xini on Eris again, do an Interception mission. A rotation is sure to drop a Neo Relic for you. Farm with the Blueprint.
  • Neuroptics – Lith G3 – Common
    – Go to Hepit in the Void, Captures probably give you a Lith Relic in most cases. Easy mission.
  • Systems – Meso D6 – Common
    – We suggest Io on Jupiter, run a quick defense mission. Great chance at a Mesa relic after 10 waves. Rinse and repeat!

Octavia may look like eye candy, but she’s a femme fatale. She can deal devastating damage to enemies with signature weapons and Mallet while providing buffs like invisibility to her whole team. We’re sure her prime version will be more than deadly and will be a joy to play around with. 

So, let us know what you think down in the comments. Are you excited about the Octavia Prime Access, and will you get her on day one?